Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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What is freedom actually?

Freedom is
to be free in all conditions.
It is not
to be free from any of them!

As well,
freedom is
to be free in any condition with... 
ease and comfort
Freedom is a simple thing. 
(Although, the apparent disappearance of freedom is not.)

What is freedom not?
  • Freedom is not what one expects to get when one attempts to free oneself from conditions.
  • Freedom is not what one hopes to achieve when one attempts to make changes to conditions.
  • Freedom is never a promise that is conditionally dangling or dangled in front of you.

Ease and comfort

Ease and comfort suggest a certain leeway. 
Ease is a state of being that includes room to move, a certain give, flexibility, tolerance, resilience.

The nuts and bold of freedom
A nut that fits exactly around a bolt should be able to rotate smoothly along the manufactured threads of that bolt, however, when conditions such as heat, humidity, tension or stress arise, too close a tolerance of the fit does not enable the nut to move freely. Movement will then cause friction and eventually seizure. Hence, during the manufacturing process of the parts, a certain amount of tolerance in the dimensions of the parts gets machined in.

With nuts and bolts though one may actually want to create tight situations, but that is not always so. (Nor is it so with life.) Certain applications such as worm-gear driven wood splitters or tensioned shower curtain rods require freely moving nuts and bolts; tolerance, room to move, an amount of give needs to be machined into the dimensions of the parts that constitute the contraptions. (Some grease may help too.)

Nature – including human nature – has by its very nature similar kinds of tolerance and 'room to move' built in.
But even when in life, due to stress and duress, that room or tolerance appears too tight, it is in appearance only and that is different from nuts and bolts.

Human life begins with give (and take :), loving tolerance - room to move, it is part of procreation, giving birth and being born, a birthright that ensures freedom!

Apparently though, as investigated in other articles on this website, for many of us, that hardly seems to be the case anymore.
That being so – the seeming part that is – it is possible to discover the dynamics of how and why our inborn freedom and original ease and comfort were made to appear as though they could disappear, and HOW the attempts to do so can be halted and their negative effects undone.

These freeing dynamics are considered on this website as we discuss awareness, consciousness, mind, reason, conditions, conditionals, conditionality, change ('anitya') the senses, redundancy, abundance, suffering (Sanskrit 'dukkha') freedom, liberation, re-enfranchisement, emancipation (Sanskrit 'moksha'), detachment (vairāgya), etc. 

Freedom is
to be free in all conditions.
It is not
to be free from any of them!

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