Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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Dualism and Non-dualism (Advaita)
and the Arising of Suffering

The Sanskrit term Advaita means "not two", a-dvai.
  • Dualism subscribes to and prescribes the concept of pervasive separative states of discrepancy. It is characterized by a belief in absolutes, specifically absolute opposites such as: I vs. you, me vs. others, good vs. evil, God vs. satan, etc.
  • In dualism-based beliefs or religions, suffering and punishment are seen as part of a presumed fundamental duel or fight between dualistic forces: each side threatening the other side with suffering (in the form of punishment) if not joined up with their own side… although presumably from a different perspective.
  • Often, in dualist religions or beliefs, a perverted sense of 'delight' is accompanied by Schadenfreude, a kind of glee that 'rejoices' in the fact that the 'other side' is suffering from the punishment it 'deserves' as it gets castigated for not having chosen the 'right side'.

  • Non-dualism or Advaita recognizes a fundamental and overarching unity or union within which all forms of relating and all relationships manifest... always transforming dynamically and relativistically.
  • This can be compared to Einstein's relativistic discoveries and his energy equivalence formula, E=Mcc the basis of much of modern science:
    (a) The overarching, underlying and intrinsic unity can be seen as expressed by E,
    (b) The varying manifestations of unique units of relationship can be seen as represented by Mcc.
  • Advaita or Non-dualism enables us to observe how and why apparent arising of suffering occurs: how the appearance of suffering depends on the way relationships and relating in general get mentally and in a limiting sense processed exclusive of or at the expense of complementing and integrating levels of reality.
  • In Advaita one gains full insight into the appearance of dualism: how the full spectrum of relating and relationships can get – but conceptually only – mis-appreciated and inadequately interpreted because of an incomplete mental processing and digestion of sensorial, essential and existential experience.
  • In Advaita one witnesses and participates in full reality, relating wholly in function and action, essence and existence, across more than just mentally conceptually drawn lines of divergence and separation that a dualist mentality limitingly prescribes.
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Comment by Barry:
My young 28 year old friend asked me today what is the opposite of orange or, for that matter, an orange. I laughed and stated there is no opposite and a bit latter he could tell I was trying to complicate-up an opposite and he said "stop trying."
He got to thinking of manifested things - as that, rather than opposites; after his colleague a chef told him there is no such thing as cold. What we know as hot and cold as opposites can be thought of as hot and lack of heat. I quickly said the same for light and dark can be thought of as light and lack of it.
We settled in to a fun conversation over coffee and pancakes. It actually started in transport. We had only so much time before attending the 3D Movie 'Alice in Wonderland' and wondered if we could possibly fit in a breakfast.
We had a sense of knowingness that we were in timelessness and that we could spaceshift the time to work for us. Which is to say we knew we could pull it off. It got us comparing notes about how often we drifted into feelings of timelessness throughout our respective days.

When we might be late tending to a client, or meeting, yet a sence of knowingness that all would be well and that the client was not there yet and the stressors that were dramatically building were being imposed due to a sense of duty to the 'be 5 minutes early.' Then shifting to a feeling that your in the flow and time is secondary to things working out - then wondering if reality is being suspended, at times, and snippets of the days events are inserted with spontaneous flow due to a creative insertion of perceived reality. [Did some one say 5th Dimension. (sorry i imposed that)]
The coffee conversation evolved around avoiding duality notions and perceiving things as manifest. The orange is there - to be appreciated - not relative to anything.
We felt the more we saw light as light and warmth as warmth to the degree that it manifested as It-Is without relativity; then we were more apt to experience the moment without the time factoring in. Sounds like life on the beach during vacation. That would be where the excitement begins when reality is suspended in space enough that we could open our eyes and be at a beech - as in - instantaneously 'presto'. Just saying. And suspending. And pushing toward the benefits non duality as I see it. Looking for those cracks. According to Leonard Cohen "There is a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in"

24 March, 2010

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