Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Need a light?

What kind of light helps us reclaim our authenticity and original clarity?

The way most of us are going about seeking enlightenment, could it be that the way we are approaching it is like a moth who keeps flying towards a brightly lit lamp, but who keeps bumping into it rather than being en-'lightened' by it...? And although the apparent brightness never seems to really brighten its flight path, it keeps going after it, even as it hurts the moth badly… even fatally?

Isn't it the same with us, the light that we expect to light up our way out of darkness may well be our undoing?

Like with the moth, could that not be the same light that - as it increases your sensitivity – is also burns your senses... while it at the same time disables our antennae... antennae which in the past may have directed us so well to traverse our world freely, to find, absorb, eat and digest that what nurtured us so well?

The moth might not know what hit it. The moth is likely not able to know what's happening when it flies into that candle flame or light bulb... The candle flame or light bulb is after all not part of its own world design and its all-around functioning within it; it does not naturally fit into its world and view of the world!

But with us, similarly going for a similar light, we can know, as we are looking for insight that clarifies, clarity that rekindles that what some point became obfuscated.

However, instead of finding a clarifying inner light of insight inside ourselves, we somehow have been cajoled to go after a light outside of us, without us being fully being aware that it actually beacons (and beckons) us way from ourselves.

Bright Beacon Ministries
A highway advertising sign in the Carolinas (USA)
About this external light that is hitting us now, that was supposed set us free, this apparently beautiful and (but?) so blinding light that was supposed to bring us clarity, aren't we actually just bumping into a pretence (large as it may be, even if it shines) something that we were promised would bring us freedom but actually appears to have made us less sensitive and appreciative of all that constitutes our original natural world, its design, its fellow inhabitants, their functioning and ours?

I suggest that we should be willing to consider, that that what we were led to believe was supposed to be the way out of this world of woe - the world which we were made to experience as perilous, harmful and disagreeable - that it actually isn't a way out at all, that there actually is not even a way out... as a way out is not even needed... that the supposed way out is actually an excuse that hampered our simple appreciation of the world as originally presented to us, for us... a world safe, nurturing and joyful?

I suggest that we consider reviewing and revising everything that we were made to see as an impediment to our simple and authentic functioning in the world in which we are present, the world that was initially unconditionally presented to us?

Could we consider that we are actually as free and authentic as we were before we were made to feel that we were not?

That, what made us feel, 'I am not what I am supposed to be', could that not have been done to us so that we apparently could be subjected to and became dependent on the will and actions of those who (after they actually also previously had been made to feel as though they had lost their own free authentic being and now seem to need us to get it back) gave us different and supposedly more promising conditions than the world into which we were originally received, could offer, to become more 'free' but actually only seemingly so, promising conditions that supposedly would set us free, but actually made us more dependent on them and thus... less free...; while they - thinking that having us in and under their charge would make them-themselves more powerful and seemingly free - while they only became more addicted to the manipulation schemes affecting those who they had forced and tricked to come under their charge?

That feeling of inadequacy that we apparently carry with us - which was brought about by those who made us feel falling short of being what and what we are supposed to be - that inadequacy that can as they promise be undone by them, those  who are holding their 'freeing' light as a beacon up to us to go after - that inadequacy was actually never so, is not so and never will be so...

It is just that they made us believe that is was, is and will be so. Thus they are attempting to sentence us - seemingly for life - that our inadequacies would stay with us unless we compensate for those inadequacies by buying into their promises as advertised on their brightly lit beacons, the ones  that offer us hope (faint hope that is) that we would gain a more promising place in some upcoming scheme... often... elsewhere... beyond this world in which we and all of us are already present.

Need a light?

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