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"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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The Full Spectrum Child

The Yin-Yang Principle & The Mother-Father-Child Triad

Outline of a seven chapter course containing instructional and transformational readings and exercises for prospective parents and perinatal practitioners.

1. Introduction to 'The Full Spectrum Child'

. An introduction to the possibility and feasibility that from conception on each child can be a wholly integrated, balanced child - physical & metaphysical, body & soul - in whom all levels of reality can fully develop, and - if not so at first - can be restored and well maintained.
. This section discusses how this course explores the above and introduces how and why it is possible that it can be realized by parents and their children.
. This section also outlines how this course concentrates on the period that starts just prior to conception and proceeds via pregnancy (the female and male experience of it) to the first six months after the child is born.
. Pre- and post-conception issues.
. A new view at the play of sperm and ovum.

2. The baby in the womb (I)
Its sense of the vibrations of the body, sound, movement and emotion:

. The mother's sound, her voice, her music, her movements (motions) and emotions,
. The father's sound, his voice, his music, his touch, his emotions.

3. The baby in the womb (II).
Its sense of the vibrations of the soul:

. The mother and father's aura & chakras as well as the baby's while in the mother's womb.
. This section will guide the participant to experience the finer senses, to feel and touch and positively affect the subtle forces and energies of the human aura as well as physical energy concentrations in what are usually called the chakras.

4. Peri-conception issues

. Preconception, conception and perinatal issues that might negatively impact on maintaining that integrity and balance.
. Pre-conception, conception and perinatal solutions to safeguard the baby's integrity and the parental relationship.

5. Scenarios for birthing

. From hospital to home, from conventional to caesarean, from supine to squatting to water birth, doctor and/or midwife attendance and assistance.
. The father's natural role to receive the child as the mother delivers.
. Discussion on the question of whether contractions should equate to pain. If so... how come? If not... how not? Lamaze, etc.
. Nutrition: enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
. Allergies? Why and how they are avoidable!

6. Bonding

. Bonding with mother and father or being bonded to technology that might be too over-abundantly present at birth.
. The first six months. Is the baby learning? What & how does it learn?
. How to take positive advantage of the recently published scientific discovery of mirror neurons in the human brain - biological cellular CNS structures that are concrete evidence of the physical and biological dynamics that enable bonding and learning.
. How to safeguard against inadvertent and possibly negative side effects of this inborn physical learning system, its possible negative impact on the child's and the parents' nervous, muscular and emotional systems.
. How to get it right if it went wrong... awareness, consciousness and conscience, trust and/or moral dependence.

7. The Full Spectrum Child

. A concluding review of the wholly integrated, physical/metaphysical child and its fully integrated seven levels of joyful reality: physical, creative, volitional, emotional, vocational, intellectual and inspirational.


Some key phrases and paragraphs from the course

"What is a father to do during those 9 months?"

"Whereas the mother takes loving care of the baby during that miraculous physical gestation period of pregnancy - the physical presence of the child in her womb under her heart - the father can be considered and expected to take loving care of a mysterious and almost unknown metaphysical gestation period: the metaphysical presence of the child in his heart - the father's emotional womb. Of course and naturally, when mother and father are in harmonious balance with each other during this most wonderful period of the real beginnings of their child's life, their experiences are mutually exchanged and enjoyed so as to acknowledge and maintain the union of body & soul of the child to be born and the child when... being born."

"How can we help return fathers to their original and integral function in the whole gestation process of the child, physical and metaphysical - body, soul and spirit?"

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