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This idea of past lives! Is there such a thing?

Kathleen: I have always connected some challenging issues of my current life with my past lives karma - and I still do - but an explanation about passed lives by you would help me considerably in finding out if I am on the right track resolving my issues. 

Wim: That I can get you on the right track resolving your issues, I'm not so sure that I can do that, but let me see if, at least, I can get you on 'the right track' interpreting the idea of past lives.
But... be prepared it might be a totally different approach than what you are used to.
What I will bring up has to do with multiple universes, parallel worlds and parallel existence, and our world really consisting of more than the usually observed three dimensions - twelve dimensions in fact.

And for that we need to consider the findings of René Descartes 1 with his Cartesian coordinate system...


What follows is a reflection of how Emmy (my wife) and I got into this topic last summer... over coffee, strawberries, whipped cream and a sweet desert wine.
Of course I will tell it slightly different here as I am directing this story to you now, and if what I bring up doesn't make sense, then at least enjoy the image of a sun-spirited tête-à-tête on someone's patio with some good coffee, desert, whipped cream and... a bottle of Liebfraumilch wine ready to be opened. What follows though may at some point be a bit technical, but I hope that the whipped cream introduces some lightness into the heavy nature of this topic.

Remember Kathleen, when you were very young, during your first lessons in arithmetic, how you so loved to count?

From 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 then 5 and 6 and 7, then on and on and on and on…

Remember how you then learned to count backwards and how you loved it?
And remember, a little later, how you learned about subtraction and negative numbers? But, that was a bit harder to like... But you remember how good you got at it nevertheless.
Remember how you were shown - many years later in middle school - that those numbers fitted so orderly on a straight line - the number line:

…cte, - - - - 4 -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 +4 + + + +, etc...

and that before and after that string of numbers, that there was... infinity!?

You were taught a very one-dimensional and linear world during those early days of school, though! But luckily it was not too problematic... yet.

But then you grew up (how come only you knew and nobody else noticed?) and you went to higher schools and your world became filled with problems... but in this story here, fortunately, I'm only referring to math problems.

Remember how you started out with simple ones, the ones with only one solution, and you learned to call those problems 'equations'?
Didn't you love that word 'equation'? It was not supposed to be a problem anymore, it was all about being one-and-equal... unity between both sides of the equation.
Anyway, you were to take an equation like '3 times X = 12' and you were to find that there was only one solution...: X=4.
But then, my oh my... you were kinda' forced into geometry.  You found out that there were problems with more than one solution. (If only your parents knew that...)
You were made to discover that certain math problems also had more than one solution, and you learned to call 'them kinda' mathematical formulas 'functions'. (You also learned that you had to function in life as well... Ouch!)
You found that the solutions to those equations could be turned into graphs. The solutions could be marked on graph paper and when you connected the dots you got straight or curved lines, depending...
Remember that?
In the more simple graphs you used just two coordinates - the X and Y axes - and on that simple coordinate system you laid out your straight lines, curved lines, parabolas, wavy lines... and maybe, but that much later, even 'wave functions'. (...Ouch...!)
Complicated, yes, but still it was very much a two-dimensional world... But... you wanted to be free, fly off into other dimensions.

By that time, your mind, if not your body, felt like dropping out, forced as you were to discover that there were more dimensions to life... (But, hey, you knew that and you lived them fully, but that is not how they meant it.)
In any case, you stuck with school and the Z axis was introduced, and some of your peers, dropped out from math class in order not to have to get into 'complex numbers', life already being complex enough.
Good thing - in retrospect - not dropping out! You eventually understood the mathematical basis and need for chaos... 'chaos theory' I mean of course.
But let's just stay with the complexity of math. It wasn't supposed to intrigue you, but it did and your teacher liked you for that.
The more complex functions used three axes X, Y, and Z - just like our three dimensional world - and while your teacher got into vectors and told you that one coordinate could also be used to plot the result from another function, those vectors got you truly vexed...
Remember all that... or most of that?

All this because there once was a guy called Descartes... he virtually made you do that at school. All that because he, instead of chanting of 'Om Mani Padme Um,' he used 'Cogito Ergo Sum' as his mantra and therefore he  thought that he was because he thought he was.
Anyway, he figured out this system of coordinates: the X, Y, Z axes, etc. Our three dimensions!

Now, you may have heard that there are compelling reasons to believe that there are more than 3 dimensions to our world, that there always were... up to ten, or eleven, or even... twelve... including time! (That is actually not too hard to explain and I'll have fun doing that Page.)

But back to math.
Imagine a very complicated math equation, the biggest one you can imagine, lots of a, b, cees and dees, etc., an enormous number of x, y and zees, etc. but also x', y' and z'ees and so on and in addition to that plenty of exponents. All this packaged in baskets of nested brackets and ellipses, each one containing underlined numerators appropriately denominated... Ergo, a formula so complex that you would even run out of alphabetic symbols (Greek to you) and numbers to represent what it stood for.
Now imagine that old René Descartes gave you the equation that you just imagined, and told you that, 'This equation represents the whole universe with all and everything in it.!'
Now imagine that Descartes told you that the number of solutions that solve this enormous function are infinite and that it is now your task to plot or graph those solutions out on some kind of medium, in his day it would have been paper.
Let's say that Descartes got you into devising your own scheme to accomplish that...
'Humm... A flat sheet of paper won't do,' you told him, 'I need something with more than two dimensions... uh, something with more than three dimensions would be even better as using perspective tricks and overlays won't get me far and fast enough where I need to be.'
You eventually ask Rene if you may use your special 'magic marker' and also... that you want to plot or 'draw' all the solutions out in... space.
He tells you - and you are surprised - 'That is very clever of you!' and as you are about to get started he warns you that it may take you some 20 billion years to finish... ... ...
And you know what, he could be right!

Anyhow, you already envisioned that what you would 'manifest' on your cosmic canvas, that your creation would be exactly what:

is already!

what we live

and whatever is seemingly in the past
and whatever is seemingly now
and whatever is seemingly in the future.
In other words
whatever is, was and will be

And you realize that somehow each solution is at once already fully available.
In fact solution # 3,584,675,006,758,843 (this is who you are) does not have to wait for the other ones to be calculated first...
It is already true this very moment, but takes time and space to work the solutions through: plotting the dots, 'connecting the dots' so to speak, making them real, realizing them, manifesting them and... becoming aware of them... becoming aware that you are - so strange though - also them, even... if you don't seem to be... you seemingly being other than them, having come before them or after.
As you are getting this, (grokking) you wonder how humans get so bogged down by this 'space' and 'time' thing. How did  space-and-time become a human challenge… something to negotiate with, to argue with… You wonder why and how we limited ourselves with temporal and spatial perceptive disabilities.
Now you know that some artificial disability makes us presume that one thing comes before or after another thing and that one thing is here and the other thing there...?
But, you now realize that in full reality that is not so!
Should we not consider that past lives, current lives, upcoming lives... past things, current things, future things are already available in this moment... that there is in fact no temporal and spatial challenge, that it is all a concurrent play, a play that is only seemingly expressed sequentially in time, and present next to and separate from each other?
Could it be that that seemingly problematic super-equation is already solved and that we - all of us and all of it - are it!
Aren't we all equal and one,
but each of us
uniquely so?! 

Fact is that every individual element that exists in reality - from the smallest infinitesimal to the largest infinitesimal and everything in between - that everything is a solution to that what can call  'the divine function' which all this is! (Indian sages happen to call it 'Om Tat Sat'.)

Past lives?
We 'have' not just a few past lives... we are actually everything... living and not living!
Although, we may realize it only one entity at a time while we are forgetting that we were - seemingly - before and while we not yet know that we will be - seemingly - later.
And all the while we may not realize that each one of us is also simultaneously the other one of us... which we will eventually discover when we:

simply and indiscriminately and unconditionally love.

If we could just enjoy the glory of this momentous moment...

Well... that is actually not so difficult; just have some wine, a glass of Liebfraumilch perhaps and strawberry desert with whipping cream.


1 René Descartes (1596 - 1650) was a French philosopher and writer who lived most of his life in the Dutch Republic. His major contribution to mathematics was the Cartesian coordinate system which made it possible to have algebraic equations expressed as 3 dimension-like geometric shapes (perspectives) on a 2 dimensional surface.

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