Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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About what is and what is not...

"Air? It does not exist!" 
said the flounder,
"There simply is no air!"
A salmon was talking to a flounder about something quite,

"Eh... Mysterious!"
 that she had just jumped through,
something that was very much beyond her, 

 "Above me actually" 

and she described it enthusiastically as something spacious, something she called,


"I was flying through air!"

the salmon exclaimed enthusiastically to the flounder
after she had come down from her high.

What's that?" 

the flounder retorted in disbelief,

"Let me tell you something,
Air? It does not exist, 

there simply is no 'air', 
and... eh... 
What is 
You just claim you did, 
and you claim there is air, 
but as far as I'm concerned 
you only brag about it after you seem to have lost your grounding 
and have become rather flighty... 
'Airy fairy' 
I should say!"

The salmon responded,

"Well, it does exist, 
there is air! 
I felt it through my gills. 

But let me tell you something. 
That... eh... 'sand' 
that you always brag about, 
that you always seem to hide yourself under, 
that does not exist, 
there just is no 'sand'. 

As far as I'm concerned, 
whatever it seems to you, 
it is just an illusion that you seem to stick your head into 
whenever you rush off in fear!"

At that point a dolphin came along.
He had just been communicating with a two-legged something he called,


Said the dolphin to the salmon and the flounder,

"Talk about reality, you guys! 
I just met this two-tailed being 
who claims to live at the 'edge' of where we are. 
He was telling me that he 
'walks' on 'sand', 
'moves' through 'air' 
and - he claims - he 
just like us... 
'he swims in water'. 
that's what he called it!"

The flounder responded,

"But, that's preposterous!"
"There is no 
- what did you say? - 
and... 'swimming'? 
What's that supposed to mean? 

The only thing I know for sure is sand, 
and I know, 
because I hide under it whenever I feel like it. 

Oh, and besides, 
are you sure that that 'human' you are talking about, 
that such a thing exists? 
As far as I'm concerned, 
I'm sure it is just a figment of your mind, 
you dolphins are such big-brainers!
You got to keep that brain busy with something!"

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