Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Understanding and Knowing Each Other

Unconditionality and Reciprocity

Darren: I think one of the reasons miscommunication happens is that different people have different fixed meanings for abstract words. Much of the time we're just arguing over the meaning of words: "understanding" is one of those words. If you're asking me in a deeper sense what understanding means to me, I'd say it's knowing who you are.

Wim: And with that "knowing who you are," comes:

knowing who everyone is,
knowing what everything is,
as well as knowing that everything is...
…just as it is.

About understanding and knowing, to paraphrase one of my mother's sayings freely(1), only unconditional understanding leads to knowledge…
That means that only unconditional knowledge can mentally represent reality. In other words, what is can only be known fully as to what it is, and who is can only be fully known as to who he or she is when such knowing and acknowledgement does not depend on preconditional rules of acceptance – be they moral, social, philosophical or functional rules.
People, things, flora, fauna, contraptions, things, I, you, he, she, it, we, you, they… even ideas can be known directly as they essentially, existentially, intrinsically and self-evidently are when one doesn't set oneself up with prior conditions that could lead to subsequent denial or provisional acceptance. Only an unconditional "recognition that everything is" can lead to an unconditional knowledge of what everything is...

Unconditionality, reciprocity & mutuality

When dealing with understanding anything, animate as well as inanimate, something that is absolutely important for full understanding is the discovery and recognition of a pervasive presence of reciprocity and mutuality. When reciprocity and mutuality are not a priori acknowledged and realized, one cannot expect that all available information is communicated to get to comprehensive understanding.
To ensure the acknowledgment of reciprocity and mutuality, unconditional mutual acceptance is needed, in other words: mutual trust – which is really no more than the absence of fear!
Unconditionality has to have this simultaneous two-way, mutual aspect to be unconditional. When such two-way reciprocity is present, non-duality is an automatic given and any dualist view that may cause difficulties with "I-you" and "me-other" relationships disappears.
When looking for a deeper understanding of other than inanimate subjects, they also have to be given ample opportunity to find out who the one is who is attempting to come to understanding.

When reciprocal mutuality in understanding is lacking, re-cognitive and cognitive understanding will not take place.
Conditional and thus incomplete and/or flawed understanding always denies some aspect of anything that can be known. It can therefore not lead to the acceptance, recognition, equanimity and mutual surrender needed to fall into (or actually to return to) unconditional love.

(1) "Prejudice stands in the way of understanding and knowledge."
In Dutch, "Vooroordel staat begrip en kennis in de weg."

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