Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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How we were made to think, "We are who we think we are."

I'm always amazed that the contents of 'our personal thoughts' - the ones we assume to be so self-generated, the ones that to us feel so authentically ours - that they are actually loaded to the top with sentences that over time have been picked up by us from outside of ourselves, sentences that we have heard other people utter around us and presumably about us, sentences that we were made to believe were to specifically help us to discover ourselves, to find out who and what we were, what our identity was, how we were to see and identify ourselves, how we were to conduct ourselves and how we were supposed to be and behave…

Too bad that we at the same time got dis-abled to discover that such external pseudo-identity shaping machinations pretty well invariably produced our assumed internal non-authentic pseudo-identities, the ones most of us so seem to suffer from, and which have caused most of us to lose sight of the fact that a simple unconditional and direct self-recognition of each of us in each of us is possible.

Who we are, is not what we think!
Who we are, is not who we think we are!
Who we think we are, is who we have been caused to think we are!
Who we think we are, is not who we are!

Who we think we are is merely a tenuous identity that we have gotten used to being identified as.

It is also an identity that we subsequently have been cajoled into believing that we are that identity... however made up that identity actually was.

Over time we have been talked into identifying ourselves with that extraneous identity, an identity which (when we look closely) is really no more than an amalgamation of other people's evaluations about us - evaluations, some of which were directed our way in an attempt to judgmentally subtract from us… subtract from whom we are, and some of which were sent our way in an attempt to unduly add to us...  add to whom we already were.

Too bad that we - often belatedly - find out that both these subtracting and adding maneuverings are merely based on the mistaken belief that we are not what we were supposed to be in the eyes of our 'beholders', that we were not acknowledged to be already who we actually were.

As this unwarranted attributive identification process was being applied to us externally - very often under duress or in situations accompanied by stress - it created an inadvertent and adverse recoiling mental response within us, a mental reflex that turned 'self-reflective-in-a-self-conscious-kind-of-way!'

This type of self-reflecting mental reflex comes in principle from an attempt to procure, maintain or restore one's original wholeness and integrity.

The kind of thinking about ourselves that resulted from these undue and unwarranted acquisitions of attributive identifications is really no more than a reflexive mental recoil that tends to follow a series of inadvertent messages of mis-recognition that came our way from judgmental sources insisting that 'who we were' (and also 'when, what and how') was not the way we were supposed to be.

When a series of these recoiling mental reflexes occur, a self-conscious state tends to develop that goes under the euphemism of 'reflection.' This kind of self-conscious reflection tends to become a mental state that is usually (and unfortunately) called 'consciousness'... which it however is not, as it is not at all the same as that genuine authentic consciousness that results from unconditional mutual recognition and reciprocal acceptance of one's own and each other's being.

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