Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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The Natural Unfolding Of Reality

Letting reality naturally unfold itself without that all too human de-naturing interference 

Instead of trusting a natural unfolding of events that would unconditionally (without if... thens...) arise from all contributive factors and conditions that come into play in the unfolding of a situation, what the de-natured human tends to do to control, maintain, change or initiate a certain situation, is the very doing that prevents that situation from naturally occurring, seamlessly carrying on, unfolding by itself or naturally arising from all its prior and current contributive conditions, without the additional layers of undue and ineffective mentalized activities which so unfortunately and all too often accompany the dynamic processes of stabilization, change, renewal and innovation. This compulsive doing is an interruptive interfering activity that appears ignorant of its own unwarrantedness, as well as ignorant of the fact that any needed change will occur naturally, timely and of its own. This interferential doing brings about a certain artifice, an additional overlaying result that is:
  • at best a tenuous semblance of "right action" that overshadows and possibly even hides what is actually naturally occurring, unfolding or unconditionally arising,
  • at worst a done result that strongly – but still illusively – shows up as an attemptive overlay that makes an already unfolding situation appear as something that it actually, functionally and in reality is not.
Underneath this overlay though of disingenuous doing, a doing that merely consists of harmony breaking mental activity(1), is still a genuine and seamless natural reality that can be witnessed, interacted with and enjoyed unconditionally by the well-natured human. But apart from that it seems that: 

the nature of human nature has become that of the de-natured human.

Genuine and seamless natural reality can be experienced by the natural and pristine human in its fullest, unaffected – although possibly overshadowed – by the attemptive doings of illuding, illusive and spoiling overlays… a reality that in reality was and is and can only be unaffected by any attemptive interferential doings, doings that might stage themselves as reality but are really nothing more than pseudo-formations illusively superimposed on reality. 

(1) This is by the way how "illusion" shows up as pseudo-reality in the mentalized effects that have merely been brought about by mentally conceptualized and mentally presumed causes.

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