Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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Perpetrating Harm

Perpetrators of harm and suffering & their mistaken belief that they have the right to inflict it.
Those intent on inflicting suffering on others are themselves suffering from the very infliction they are attempting to cause in others.
  • Rather than halting or resolving their own suffering (a suffering that initially was unduly, unfortunately and unfairly passed on to them in the first place, and also a suffering they have been "dis-enabled" to alleviate within themselves) they mistakenly expect that to cause suffering in others by meting out punishment or revenge, will make their own suffering go away or lessen.
  • Instead they pass down to others what was unfortunately, unduly and unfairly passed down to them. They have even been "dis-enabled" to become aware that causing others to suffer will not only not alleviate their own suffering but will instead prolong it.
  • In addition, those who inflict punishment and suffering on others have also been made "to be unaware" that their own suffering was actually unfairly, unfortunately and unduly acquired as well by themselves as it was initially also meted out to them by those prior to them who were in turn led to believe that the perpetuation of punishment, suffering and revenge would alleviate the cause and effects of their own suffering.
The satisfaction that accompanies the malice, revenge, malevolence, infliction of hurt and Schadenfreude (1) that is doled out by perpetrators of harm, is characterized by an emotional replica of "feeling good" that strongly resembles and almost duplicates the feeling that comes naturally and authentically with benevolence, right action and compassion.

It is this replica of "feeling good" and "satisfaction" that makes it nigh impossible for them to realize that they are actually suffering themselves from a great inner pain.
One of the characteristics in the dynamics of this self-perpetuating and escalating chain of suffering and hurt is a strategy by perpetrators of harm that hides the complex causative and guilt factors that they feel within themselves.

They talk themselves into a conviction that emphasizes and justifies that they have the right to punish others with the suffering and harm that they are meting out.
At the same time they also attempt to make it believable that they themselves are actually not the ones who inflict the suffering but that instead, the subjects of the suffering are the cause and creators of it themselves.

Thus victimizing acts are usually accompanied by sentences such as, "She had it coming!", "Suffering is his just reward, it's his own fault.", "She was asking for it.", "Your problems are of your own making."

Inflictors and perpetrators of suffering and harm invariably attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of their victims, presumptuously assuming that they can make it believable to their victims and bystanders that they (the victimizers) are themselves free of guilt and therefore go "scot-free." 

(1)  Schadenfreude (German) - The ill gotten satisfaction that comes from the enjoyment of misfortune and suffering befalling others.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is such an eyeopener for me. Admittedly I have been both, the victim and the perpetrator of these strategies of manipulation. Ever since I have become aware of this (through your blog) I have been trying to use ways that are not as harmful as these "shortcuts". It has been a struggle, as the people around me are still embroiled in it. On positive note though, it does become easier to get inner peace when you stop wasting your thought energy plotting and controlling others. Thank you for your beautiful shanti