Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Discarding doubt radically

When doubt, compulsive questioning, skepticism, judgment, etc. are radically discarded one realizes that reality is "as is." Reality is:
  • everything-as-it-is-already – which means anything but unclouded or obfuscated by doubt or judgment. Sanskrit: Om tat sat. (1)
  • everyone-as-he-or-she-is-already – which means anyone but without any dubiousness or judgment as to their presence or quality of presence. Sanskrit: Tat tuam asi. (2)
To recover and reclaim the reality of life or one's own reality in life, the use of questioning, doubt, skepticism and judgment in any shape or form is counter-effective. In fact, if one would use any of them for self-recovery, they would only increase one's self doubt and insecurity.
Doubt, questioning, skepticism and judgment in themselves are a throwback to and a replay of the first unfair and unreasonable efforts that attempted to make someone believe that his or her existence was questionable and in need to be judged. The installation of doubt or passing judgment always takes place under duress and is invariably accompanied by stress, which is why and how it makes the receiver believe its validity. The way doubt is installed in its recipient also aims at preventing any future reclamation of that person's authenticity and integrity of being.
Doubt and its partners need to be dispelled radically and... without a doubt.
The good news is, they can be dispelled, they can be discarded, as they operate by mental illusion only… having no substance in reality at all.
One's world won't collapse when doubt is subtracted from it. Of course not, dubiousness has by definition only a hypothetical value... which means no reality value at all!
Doubt (and its partners) can only be conceptually present in the mind of its beholder. It can only be present in a mentally sentenced verbal format, only after it was unreasonably and undeservedly installed in the recipient while he or she was put under the spell of someone's doubt or judgment, only while he or she became seemingly and illusively made to feel estranged from the reality of their own authentic presence and integrity.
The installation of doubt or the passing of judgments can only be attempts, even while those attempts aim to make their sentences of doubts or judgments stick… In principle the installation of doubt or the passing of judgments can never be successful. They can only appear to be successful while their sentences and sentencings parade as truth and as long as the receivers of those sentences and sentencings are under the impression that the dubiousness of their presence has to be treated as more real and true than the truth and reality of their own authentic being and existence. 

(1) All that is, Is… innately sacred or divine. (Hindu mantra)
(2) Thou art That… innately sacred or divine. (Upanishads)

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