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It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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Karma and the Power of Entrapment

Bad Karma?

As long as you find a need to believe in and to defend the idea of karma, specifically
  1. when it is claimed to be your own and... 'bad'
  2. when your belief has to do with 'past life karma',
you cannot fully appreciate that you are obliged and... able to take the freedom to release yourself from the concept of karma and therefore the need to believe in it.

When one truly aims for liberation (moksha) and enlightenment (buddhi), radically dropping the idea of karma is a 'sine qua non'...

If it is difficult for you to let go of the belief in karma, could that be because you believe that the negative judgments and remarks concerning your presence and/or quality of your presence in the world, are somehow warranted and cannot be not accepted?
If that is so, then the early negative judgments that you incurred in your life  (judgments having to do with your presence or quality of your presence) must have tricked you into believing that they were deserved, warranted and apparently true.

But you must realize that they – against all appearances – can only have been unfair and unjustified, and that any subsequent judgments only appeared more fair because of their... repetitiveness.

You must have been entrapped often enough to make those judgments 'appear' to be warranted, and eventually you even became conned into believing that you yourself were the cause of anything negative that befell you, and  that you deserved 'all of it' because of your presumed inadequacies.

As this most likely took place repeatedly, you began to identify with the justifications that were directed your way by those who entrapped, tricked, accused and judged you. Eventually - imaginarily - their judgments and justifications became part of your view of yourself, your 'inner self-image', and verbally they became part of your 'inner dialogs'.

These inside or internal dialogs however, are not just absurd mental dialogs between 'you and yourself',  they are actually the arguments between yourself and… your entrappers, accusers and judges, arguments about whether you deserved their judgments and treatments or not.
Unfortunately these arguments turned into internal and lonesome dialogs, as the chances to have those dialogs externally with those who duped you, were taken away.

As long as your entrappers' justifications still have momentum and power over you ,and as long as you believe them to be valid, you will have a hard time remembering and recognizing your original innate freedom and authentic presence.

It thus behooves you to stop these inner arguments so that you can reposition yourself in that original moment of coming-into-being, that moment just before your existence became so unduly and unfairly questioned and judged.
You might still remember instances when you were convinced that you were without fault and guilt, instances that you remember, in which you were unfairly and unjustly treated.
You might still remember that you got trapped and tricked to act in certain ways that would compromise you, acts that would set you up to receive the judgments and sentences that were designed and intended to come your way… as though you deserved it,
as though 'you had it coming'.
It is the power and momentum of the repeated entrapments followed by their inevitable judgments, that made you accept your so-called incompetence and inadequacies, that made you deny or even forget that you had actually been trapped and cajoled into believing that your existence and presence was somehow 'justly' deemed to be unwelcome, problematic and inadequate.

You eventually got so used to the stress and duress of those entrapments that those negative dynamics came to appear as 'realistic' qualities of your life, and made you believe that your assumed redundancy and shortcomings (the ones that you were talked into believing) were part of your reality.
It wasn't your karma that made you the way you think you are,
it was the entrapper's work
(1) that made you appear that way.
(1) Karma means act, action or work in Sanskrit.

Please click here to read about the need to drop the belief in 'past lives' karma and reincarnation'.

Comment by Barry: Karma is so seemingly a common sense reality that the west adopted so readily to explain why we deserve what we get. 
I would hardly want to take on such a obvious truth that has the stamp of approval from the wisest of wise sages of the Himalayan Yogi's of Tibet. 
However I think it was you, Wim, that opened my eyes to the fact that - If there is no such thing as Time, then how can something in your past cause you to pay for it in the present. Even I could find ways around that yet once the eyes are opened the view takes precedence over the concepts describing the view. 

I recently saw a video called "Yogis of Tibet" about the wisest and most exalted of the Tibetan Monks. Unlike the 10's of thousands of ordinary monks these individuals were singled out to isolate and gain mastery of their mind with intentions of achieving liberation. 
After the Chinese destroyed some 6000 Tibetan Monasteries and tortured and killed many of these sages the surviving Yogis in exile are continuing the heritage. Several of these sages spoke of Karma to explain what happened to their fellow monks in Tibet at the hands of the Chinese and how many of us are unhappy because of negative deeds we did in the past. It is hard not to challenge this notion from these particular sages. 
Their brotherhood was a collective gathered on the principle of compassion. Their very lineage of teachings is from generations of sages that preceded their art of mind mastery and blessed them with skill and grace to obtain wisdom that built on the very knowledge of the Buddha. 
These are the ones that sat in the caves to obtain that flash of lightening leading to enlightenment. From that entire Sea of Compassion, surpassing conceptual holdings of thought related to time and space and self; how can they hold that the atrocities that be-fail their culture was caused by their group karma when their culture was held by the world to be the epitome of Compassion. 

Entrapment due to belief has a tight grip and is one of those fettered things that we have to work to let go of. I am surprised that sages promote one of the things they would have overcome. Wim, I think that makes you a sage so thank you for the view. 

Wim:I wrote this segment in the fall of 2007 but decided to republish it afresh after my wife one morning two weeks ago spoke the first paragraphs of this post virtually word by word... 
Now, she never reads my blogs, nor - as it appears - does she need to, as apparently she comes by "my alleged wisdom" :-) all by herself. 

Her pronouncement was almost triumphant. She clearly had figured it out, and she kept repeating how struck she was by the simplicity of her discovery: how she clearly saw and realized that this "past-life karma thing" was a conceptual figment in the mind only and that by just letting go of any belief in it in a radical manner, had been enough for her to become aware again of her original unadulterated goodness and unblemishedness.

08 May, 2010

Comment by Mitesh: Wim, I don't have any personal understanding about karma and past life, but I am not able to conclude a concrete logic for this. In your blog you say "that this 'past-life karma thing' was a conceptual figment in the mind only and that by just letting go of any belief in it in a radical manner....".

Does it mean that past life karma or any thing from past life do not play any role in our present life ? On the other hand in your article "Death and free choice", the fifth choice says "One may select to pass through a state of individuality in which a benevolent understanding is reached by means of passing through a clear and understanding review of one’s past life’s activities and dynamics.....". 

Dr. Brian Weiss (in his books and research) also talks about past life traumas. I am confused between these two statements, I think I am missing something. Please give me some guidance on this.

08 May, 2010 

Wim: I understand the confusion. :) The term "past life" in the sentence,
actually refers to activities in the past of one's actual life. 
In no way is it to be interpreted as a "past life" - as one life in a supposed string of personal past and future lives. As I stated, the idea 'past lives' that a 'soul' supposedly 'passes' through is strictly a conceptual notion. 

The basis of notions like karma, judgment, rebirth, reincarnation, body vs soul, reward & punishment, etc. comes from a dualistic worldview... a view of the world based on 'separatedness at the exclusion of wholeness', rather than 'integral wholeness that includes individual uniqueness' as well. I would not be surprised to find out how much an imbalance in the cooperative dynamics of the bilateral brain lies at the cause of this ill-conceived notion... (See my references to the Corpus Callosum.) 
For more on the bilateral brain please refer to the book "My Stroke of Insight" by Jill Bolte Taylor PhD.

So, thank you Mitesh for reading my contributions so carefully and with such positive discernment. I have changed the wording of the paragraph that caused some confusion. Instead of: "’s past life’s activities..." it now reads: "’s life’s past activities..."

08 May, 2010 

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