Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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The Freedom Pledge

The conception of every human being comes with a pledge that is silently present in the creative dynamics of all life.
All human beings can authentically, happily and with their sense-of-self intact, participate freely in all human endeavor. Each individual’s birthright to an original, free and harmonious state of being with and amongst others can be realized, retained and maintained. This pledge includes that if it appears that one has lost one's state of freedom and integrity, that it can be reclaimed and restored. 
Apparent loss of freedom, authenticity and happiness shows up as mental suffering, a suffering that implies that one is held under a spell of illuding and deluding strategies, a spell that is part of the game of pseudo-life.

Conditional conditioning is the major weapon used in the strategies of this game as it tricks and subsequently traps its players inside it.
Reclaiming one's original freedom involves reversing the effects of this conditional conditioning so that life will be restored to its original state of being human and humane.
The human predicament – the suffering in which we seem to have lost our freedom and authentic selves – can be overcome.
The state of unconditional freedom, happiness and love can be ours again while we live on this, our wondrous Earth (1).

(1) This is not to say, that when we deal with suffering, illusion and delusion with greater or lesser success, that this will stop the physical pain, woundedness and death that come with life, natural disasters, calamities and accidents. What is to be hoped though, is, that with a deeper and more widespread individual insight into the conditional conditioning that superimposes layers of suffering and agony on top of physical pain and woundedness, that human suffering will be reduced and that the occurrence of any ill intended conditioning will diminish and thus improve the lives of more and more of us.

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