Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Yes but...

You will very likely encounter viewpoints on this blog that you might be questioning - thoughts about topics that you are viewing from a different angle. That is to be expected, but it may be surprising to know that "bringing up the other side" is often no more than an acquired habituation, an automated habit, something like the "Yes, but..." syndrome.
Even touching on this right now, may bring up that automatic response.

Jeremy about his father at a counseling session.

"The other day, I came home from a good day at school. During Phys Ed we discussed how we could train ourselves to become successful marathon runners. All enthusiastic about it, I bring it up during supper and I finish up telling my dad, "From now on, everyday after school I’ll go for a run and…"
Then my dad says, turning his gaze away from watching TV while he is eating, "Good son, but what about first doing your homework!"
Damn it, he’s always like that. It makes me so mad.
Why does he always come up with stuff like that…? With everything I say, he always buts in with something else, something opposite"

Lloyd and Karen.

Lloyd and Karen had decided on a new BMW. After they had visited the dealership, they agreed that they both liked the metallic purple-burgundy sedan and the iridescent teal one equally as much.
They had something to celebrate, a positive change had happened in their relationship, the main reason really why they were getting this new vehicle.
"It is so much better now", Karen thought when the following morning her husband said with a look of generosity, "Honey, I’m needed at work today, so why don't you go to that BMW dealership and whatever color you decide, it is OK with me." And with a staccato in his voice he said, "You bring that beauty home, Baby!"
In her imagined anticipation, she already saw herself flipping a coin, "Whatever the outcome, that is what it will be!"
Later that day, when Lloyd came home and saw the new vehicle sparkling away in the driveway, she expected him to say, "Fantastic honey, just look at THAT beauty!" instead he said, with a look of exasperation and with that intonation that always made her feel so uneasy, "But honey, why didn't you take the other color?"
"Why dear?" she wondered, not really laughing, although it may have looked that way.
"Well, honey" he said, "I thought you liked the other color better."
She walked off to the car, turning pensive. Didn’t he say, "It’s OK with me?" And now… look at him. He still comes up with his predictable "other" option. And, darn it, he always turns things around on me. If it is this, it should’ve been that and if it is that, it should’ve been this.
Will he ever stop saying, "It’s OK honey, but look at this way," or "It’s quite alright dear, but look at it from the other side…?"
But now she was happy, she got in, started the engine and drove away thinking aloud, "He just likes to disagree. He likes it the other way, no matter what the first way was!" She pressed the accelerator hard, "I will be OUT of his way."

Karen and Lloyd brought this incident up during marriage counseling.
The story started nice enough and at first it didn’t seem to be so serious as to lead to the row that eventually made them decide to get counseling.
Lloyd did get it… He began to notice what he did and at some point he burst out in laughter as he recognized how his voice and intonation, even his mannerisms, resembled his father's. He decided that if he had picked all that up, he could also let it all be.

If we look at things one way,
we are often advised to look at those same things another way.
But if we initially would have looked at those same things the other way
we would have been urged to look at them the first way.

No matter what, 
it often seems that we have it wrong, 
but… if we feel we have it right, 
it feels more right when we tell others that they have it wrong. 

Darn it!

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