Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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Death or Afterlife?

Five unconditionally free choices when we pass on.
However... death isn’t one of them! 

"[I] started to think that liberation will be achieved after death in the same manner..."

"I became more and more aware that just as after death, humans could attain liberation."
~ Dharma Sangha *


Of course I do fully understand the (IMO dubious) idea of merit and demerit (award and punishment) in earthly human life. However, what I eventually found out after a number of NDEs (Near Death Experiences) and the many graces of very enlightening Kundalini discoveries, that merit and demerit as motivations for our actions are only (even if illususively) applicable and active in current human terrestrial life, but that they have no bearing on after-life...

Yes, I know how this flies in the face of all that most of us have learned or are still being taught about the purpose of living a human life. 

Through my Near Death Experiences I became very intensively and acutely aware of 'radical' unconditional divine love and compassion for ALL, yes, human beings included.

Deep insight was gracefully given to me into gaining understanding about what occurs after our human sojourn here on earth...

"Free will" is often discussed as a characteristics of human life, but as we all know, conditioning and conditionalizing on the earthly human plane in the world of unquestionable causality makes "free will" an unrealizable illusion. However after our physical earthly existence this conditioning and conditionalizing has no impact anymore on the human being (jiva in Sanskrit - our essential self) and it is then that the jiva's free will is fully unconditional. This has an immense bearing on human beings and their eternal essential existence. 

I found that during my own personal experiences with near death (NDE), that there are five unconditionally free choices (phase states) to choose from for any individual who is, so to speak, 'dying' or 'dead'.
About that, it would do us well to realize that 'death' or 'dying' - that episode in 'life eternal' that is usually described as 'death' or 'dying' by the non-participating onlooker - it is not experienced as such by those who are undergoing that episode themselves.
I discovered that the one who undergoes that transitional episode we call 'death', 'dying' or 'near death', is totally and unconditionally free to choose from five options... options that are benevolent only as divine love, compassion, insight and understanding do not come with punitive options. 

What follows is a list of phase state options that every human being after his or her earthly life can select with 'free will' and 'free choice' no matter how a 'third party' judgmentally may qualify their past terrestrial existence. 

It is most important to keep in mind that there can not be an inappropriate, bad or even unfair choice for the ones (which is everyone!) graced by the availability of those choices.

Whichever option one chooses during a 'death' or 'near death' episode, there is no element whatsoever of merit or demerit (e.g. punishment or reward) that obligates or predisposes that human being to have to make one choice instead of another one. Eventually option one is realized by all.

The descriptions below may initially show some internal contradictions but upon further reading the contradictions should fall away. Language on this topic is not efficient but will have to do...

The Five Unconditionally Free Choices

During the moment of ‘death’ or - to say it better - while one is in 'phase transition', one has the following five unconditionally free options to choose from.

1. One may select to pass through and re-merge with the divine state of pure non-manifested energy.
Apart from memory imprints in the minds of those left behind, there is no individuality left, just a universal return into being in the heart or source of dynamic divine love and energy.
There is no precondition for this choice and even those who we (as a third party) might consider not to deserve this option - but who did choose it - are / were free to do so **.

2. One may select to pass into and stay - but not interminably - in a state of 'timeless', non physical abeyance and positive endurance.
It is the state that used to be called 'hell', but it is a state without any suffering, retributive punishment and 'till-the-end-of-times' qualities that have so popularly and non-compassionately been attributed or assigned to this state.
'Individuality' stays, but one is in a state of being that focuses fully on internally getting to know 'oneself-and-the-dynamics-of-mutual-and reciprocal-existence' in which one was before this state of abeyance.
The only time element occurs when in a sudden flash of  'fully-knowing-what-it-is-all-about' one may select to choose option 1 or continue through choosing option 3. 
In any case, there is then in a timeless flash a deep understanding of freedom AND its possible adverse side effects - a freedom one may not have been able to share with one’s fellow human beings as the adverse side effects of freedom were too overwhelming and the possibility of unconditional freedom was inadvertently taken out of one’s hands ***.
(Freedom - its adverse side effects very much included - can only be fully understood and appreciated when unconditional compassion is understood as well, there is more to this but I will leave it for now...)

3. One may select to pass into a state of non physical abeyance that consists of an extended (but not expanded) experience of consensus space/time continuum in more than just the four usually observed dimensions - the physical dimensions only indirectly available through an added dimension.
This kind of subtle, non-physical relating is usually seen to be soul, ghost, spirit, spirit guide or even angel like ****.
This state - it used to be called 'purgatory' - has none of the suffering, retributive punishment and 'waiting-till-it-is-over' qualities that have so popularly and non-compassionately been attributed or assigned to this state.
It is a state of individuality in which a benevolent understanding is reached by means of a passing through a clear and understanding review of one’s life’s past activities and dynamics, enabling one - in due time and by remote relating - to help one’s offspring or charges to be guided through their continuation of life so that one's own past inadvertent influence on their freedom may be dissolved, or their life (that of the charges left behind) be stimulated in such a way as to be set right for them to regain access to their own authentic freedom.
Again, the individual in positive enduring abeyance, at some 'timeless point', either in a flash of recognition or with a deep unconditional sense of contentment can make a free choice to go to state 1. 
Individuals in this state of non-physical abeyance can also have contact with others in that same state and can, when they freely choose so, provide mutual guidance and help in gaining understanding of their state and finding ways to help the ones left behind in physical life.

4. One may select to pass through a state of individuality in which a benevolent understanding is reached by means of passing through a clear and understanding review of one’s life’s past activities and dynamics  and one chooses to return to life but now inspired by a clear understanding of the dynamics of love and life-energy.
This life may be inconspicuous or not... as one sees fit.

5. One may select to pass through a state of individuality in which a benevolent understanding is reached by means of passing through a clear and understanding review of one’s life’s past activities and dynamics  after which one weighs the choice between 1 and 4 more intensively.
It could be that one decides not to care about choosing between 1 and 4 as the 'value' of both states (1 being in the source, and 4 existing in a physical manifestation) are found to be equal. It is then chance only that decides whether one returns to the source or to physically manifested life.
If one returns to one's  physical manifestation, one's state can then, according to Buddhist tradition, be called Bodhisattva-hood *****. One may then take a more active, but happily disinterested part in the reclamation of original and innate freedom of life and love for others. While in this state, at some undetermined point, option 1 may happen just by chance or by free choice.



* Dharma Sangha (born April 9, 1990) is a young Nepalese monk/lama who after six years of near solitary meditation (starting May 2005 when he was fifteen) became recognized as young guru. Originally, in the popular press, he was known as the "Buddha Boy" The following is what he remembers about himself
"Then when his age was eight or nine one miraculous scene occurred. There was a village of the Tharu community at some distance from the village. One dead body was brought from that village for cremation at the bank of a river which is near the village. That boy was roaming with his friends near there. All of a sudden the boy's sight went towards the funeral pyre. At the funeral pyre he saw a vision of luminous light which appeared forth from the corpse and penetrated the sky. That light was burning in yellow and green flame. Day by day that boy started to think that liberation will be achieved after death in the same manner. Insight of the previous meditation got developed and the bright light of the body which was on the funeral pyre and the knowledge of the meditation of past life remained blazing in his memory day and night."
~ Dharma Sangha
10 November 2008
"Suddenly, I caught sight of the blazing funeral pyre. There was a vision of one brilliant ray of light that was seen to pierce the sky. The bright light was a green and yellow color. From that time, day by day I was able to recall the past wisdom. Because of that brilliant illumined radiance of the funeral pyre, I became more and more aware that just as after death, humans could attain liberation."

~ Dharma Sangha,

Maitreya message
20 May 2011
** When option 4 or even option 5 is selected, it does not preclude one from undergoing justitionally restrictive and correctional treatment by society. Please also see the note above.
*** In terms of current theoretical physics, this is a return to a hypo-dimensional state in which quantum foam arises.
**** It is a kind of 'Klein Bottleneck' relating.
A Klein Bottle is the four spatial dimensions version of the three spatial dimensions Möbius Loop.
***** This is not the same as taking the Bodhisattva Vow.


The above piece is very serious of course and therefore may not speak to everybody... So here is another set of choices, albeit not so free: the chance to choose what you want to worry about. (I'm not sure what the original source is of what follows here, but it is quite popular on the Internet.)
"Why Worry?! There are only two things in life to worry about: whether you are well or whether you are sick.
If you are well, then there is nothing to worry about, but if you are sick, there are only two things to worry about: either you will get well or you will die.
If you get well, there is nothing to worry about, but if you die, there are only two things to worry about: either you will go to heaven or you will go to hell.
If you go to heaven there is nothing to worry about, but if you go to hell, you'll be so busy shaking hands with old friends, you won't have time to worry!"


Barry: Wim, you are nice to sugar coat the death experience with your appendix with concepts we have heard about (Heaven Hell Why worry) but lets get back to what you are wanting to tell us - 'me' in this case. Did you sense choices at some juncture during your NDE and elaborated on what each felt like when you wrote this up. It seems you are drawing up analogies to phenomena we have heard about. Mostly Christian I would say. I really like the positive way you expressed the choices. There is much said about whatever you believe when you die will have much to do with what manifests and personally I would like to memorize these choices so that I may be able to influence this outcome.

Wim, you mention time and space, there is so much to explore. I would love to spend eons in the unmanifest as a chance to explore history as it was and other universes with inhabitants as it is and as they are. What is this need to look within and root out hidden nuggets of what makes us tick? If I had a choice I would explore cultures from their infancy to now. That to me is the best reason to purify to make room for exploring the separation of the other. The ones outside of what makes me separate. 

Wim: You may want to try this Barry... Read the fives choices again as listed. Choose the one that at this point seems the most desirable to you and it will give you an indication of what you will likely go for when "your time comes".
Mind you at this point it is not really a free unconditional choice as too many expectations, hopes and fears might still control your life's choices and decisions. But it gives you something to work on while you are gaining insight into your current preoccupations and predilections. Who knows you might drop them over time and be freer already before "your number comes up".

Barry: At some point in a previous version of this piece, Wim, you used the term 'past life', you must have noticed the ambiguous meaning: as in 'past lives'.
Good thing that you changed it to 'life's past', as that makes perfect sense in light of your other writings on what you identify as "people's unfortunate and unnecessary belief in possible negative repercussions of their current life's and past lives' karma."
The difference between 'past life's' and 'life's past' is a simple change yet profound.
In context of what I have read from your other writings it covers your understanding. (How we can explore many historic phenomena as if we are the personification of the personality witnessing the unfolding of events.) In that context it is not our 'past life', yet it is an experience that relates to our past within the context of our 'One Self'.
The topic of 'what one's belief of after-life at the moment of death' is, is very important to me.
I like how you challenge your reader around this subject and I like how it stimulates my way of approaching the subject. Other than being in the moment and taking the journey one moment at a time, I believe this topic holds the most importance for me.
Your rewrites over time of this piece have profound implications: Not only 'What Is Is', at the level of the afterlife I understand 'What we Believe Is'.
Without matter, to get from point A to B, our creative understanding is what surrounds us. If we deserve a dreary hell we get hell, if we want to visit Paris we are in Paris, if we hold the pure thought of multitudes of white robes being constantly blessed by Jesus, we are one of the white robed multitudes. (I'd rather visit Paris. :)
I suppose the same is true here, but matter keeps us confined to both time and space in a way that what we believe is slower to manifest and is challenged by others sharing our space. Compare that to our dreams. Thank you for the minusculy profound titration of your formula.

My mind swims with implications.

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