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"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Reincarnation, Past Lives and Karma

About past lives...
This might be a touchy issue to some...

I do not adhere to the concept that I, you or anybody 'has' or 'owns' personal past lives in the sense that an individual soul has a unique linear past that runs through other unique individuals other than his or her parental ancestry ones.

Although you may have gathered from my website (  that I talk about  'my' memories of being the apostle John, Jesus, Adam, Elijah and various others, I do not accept that they are my personal past lives. Some people I talked to claimed having identical past lives as me. That cannot be of course!
So... it must work differently. 

Akashic Records

The concept of Akashic Records provides a much more plausible explanation of memories we may have of people who lived before us. These records allow each of us to access memory of any past beings. Which being or beings depends on what an individual needs to glean from the wisdom and/or life experiences of previous living human beings or other entities.

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The Akashic Records are like a 'holistic-life library' that one can borrow a book from. A 'life history' that happens to be especially helpful in aiding one's progress in healing, is retrievable and accessible by anyone IF needed.

One can therefore say that everyone who ever lived before, is a past life of everyone who currently lives or will live... 
When we say, "We are all one," that must count for the past as well! 
It can even be said that you are my parallel life and that I am yours - which idea, in a manner, concurs with current scientific theories about multiple parallel universes.

Our current and traditional 'past lives' concepts need to be re-thought. They don't work, except in the stories that people tell... which most of the times are only mere dramatizations to embellish people's attachments.

The concept of "past life karma being worked out in one's current life" contains too much human judgment!  

Ah, judgment... something that cannot come from unconditional divine compassion. 
A lot of myths have been brought into current 'new age' understandings and assumptions. We need to de-mythologize those conventional understandings.
The way people usually talk about past lives is from a standpoint of separation ('seemingly lost love') while they are on their way to re-discovering unconditional love in human-divine oneness and uniqueness.
Each of us is at the same time a unique individual representation of that divine oneness, while we are also  (we recognize that when we REDISCOVER unconditional human love) essentially the same: holding each other as ONE and ONLY in Divine love.
That IS Advaita.

Please click here to read about the need to drop the belief in conditional karma. 

I make a distinction between the theory of reincarnation pertaining to say the Dalai Lama or the Buddha, and the theory of reincarnation as in "being reincarnated in a new life because one has something to fix about one's live(s) in the past - "past life karma".
Those "past lives" can presumably also have been in the form of life as a dog, a cow, a pig, etc."

The folklore-like Jataka tales about the Buddha's past lives also fall in the category of reincarnation theory that I do not accept. (They might have a moral function, but more than that should not be read into them.)

I remember last fall (2009) during the Gadhi Mai Mela, a religious festival in southern Nepal, during which hundreds of thousands of animals were sacrificially slaughtered, that some people brought forward the idea that those animals "had it coming" as they in one of their previous human past lives had messed up, and that they now, say as a buffalo, goat, pigeon or chicken deserved to be slaughtered.

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