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It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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"Your?" thoughts and emotions - whose are they really?

Thoughts and emotions, where do they come from, what are they related to?

It is quite possible that some readers will find it difficult to agree with the contents of this article. Its conclusions may seem to go against anything people have been made to believe about the ownership and source of  their 'own' thoughts. 
It may help some readers to get the point that I'm making if they also read:
Sentencing and  Reality and Illusion

Someone asked me recently, "Wim, my thoughts and emotions, where do they come from, what are they related to?"

positive thoughts and emotions
are your own
and reflect reality!

any negative thoughts and emotions
only look and feel
as though
they are your own
and only look and feel
as though
they reflect reality.
They are NOT your OWN though, 
and they are NOT based on reality.

How come though,
that YOU seem to have those negative thoughts
in your own mind,
and that YOU seem to feel those negative emotions as being
in your own body

All negative thoughts and all related negative emotions - in whatever form or through whatever process they may have been implanted into your mental and sensorial system * - are based on you having been 'captivatingly illusioned' (tricked) and 'sentenced for life' by people with self-serving, one-sided and manipulative motives, after they put you under their spell of illusions and lies - illusions and lies which were not only unduly projected ** onto you, but which you were also tricked into believing that they were:
  • your own, 
  • of your own doing and
  • of your own choosing.
As long as you still feel compelled to believe and nurse any negative thought and emotion, and as long as you consider any negative thought and emotion as your own, you are actually still being held under that captive mental spell; you are still living under that life-sentence that was so unwarranted and undeservedly delivered to you.

Are you ready to give those negative thoughts, emotions, spells and illusions a chance to wear off and clear away?
Are you ready to dis-own and dis-avow them?
Are you ready to look-fearlessly-in-the-faces of those who got you stuck with that negativity?
Will you free yourself from them?
Are you ready to let go of that negativity - those negative thoughts and feelings which were never yours to begin with and which by your very nature were never really a part of you?

Can you redefine and reclaim your original self by not feeling compelled to characterize yourself anymore the way you were at some point in the past unfairly tricked into identifying and characterizing yourself?

Are you ready to claim you inborn, unadulterated and unconditional freedom?

If yes, now enable yourself to be ready, and you will never unduly and unfairly be held accountable anymore for anything negative that you were once and many times over made to feel was your own, your own doing and... of your own choosing...

You can be unconditionally free again!

Click here to see what happens when you
your (?) pseudo self.
It is the same as what happens when you
your (!) real self.
* Mirror Neurons ("echo neurons") are involved in this process.
** Remember the wizard / illusionist / projectionist in "The Wizard of Oz"!


Comment by Mitesh: Can same be true for positive thoughts? What is the role of our subconscious mind, as it always accepts everything without any resistance?

Wim: Answering your questions can only be done after we evaluate WHAT thoughts actually are... 

Thoughts based on reality can be YOUR thoughts, "thoughts" based on negativity though (the denial of reality) can never be YOURS truly, as they are merely borrowed labels)... 
Actually, they are NOT thoughts whatsoever, they only appear... as thoughts by simulating or mimicking them. (The reasoning behind this - although simplified here for brevity - is something along the lines of: A picture of a cow is not a cow, although a physical cow and the image of that same cow are both labeled "cow"!) 

Negative "thoughts" (notice the quotes) ALWAYS have verbal content, through words that are externally acquired. Positive thoughts in principle DO NOT! Although they may (and often do) acquire verbal content. 
Negative (or "faux") thoughts are actually NOT thoughts at all, it is only because their verbal contents is processed in the same part of the brain were reality (positive thinking) is processed, that they take on certain characteristics that RESEMBLE positive (or "proper") thoughts - RESEMBLE!!! 

Negative (surrogate or faux) "thoughts" are based on illusion, whereas positive thoughts are based on reality. 
Positive thoughts come from an altogether different source (the inner unadulterated self!) than negative (faux, surrogate) "thoughts"... which come from external sources only as they are picked up and registered by our auditory (and partially our visual) sense. 

Negative "thoughts" are always REACTIVE in their verbal content. They are also incomplete and unsuccessful attempts at APPEARING as reasoning while they TRY (as they can never be successful) to deny, invalidate or discount reality. 

So although we use the same word "thought" for both positive and - seemingly similar - negative "phenomena", only the positive versions are thoughts proper (as they are based on reality) while the negative or faux ones only mimic thoughts proper, but... they are really only an illusion of thoughts. 

As to your question about the "subconscious mind", the answer depends on the definition of what "consciousness" is and what "mind" is. 
You may remember that I see "mind" merely as a handy (though sometimes clumsy) tool that Pure Awareness can make use of. 
Awareness (ala Ramana Maharshi's self-inquiry "Who am I?") is of primary importance, whereas mental consciousness is only of secondary importance.. 
Only "un-Aware" people have under-performing and thus "sub-conscious" minds. I very much appreciate your question Mitesh!!! I hope that my answer will help you in YOU getting to YOUR authentic answers to all your questions... :)

25 June, 2010

Comment by Mitesh: Wim, could you please elaborate more about "reality"and what is "illusion" exactly? 



The etymological root of the word "reality" is the Latin word "res" which means "thing". 
Originally then, reality had to do with the "world of things", tangible things, or - to say it more completely - things that can be experienced through our five senses: 
  • Touch (tactile), 
  • Vision (eidetic), 
  • Smell (olfactory), 
  • Sound (auditory) 
  • Taste (gustatory). 
In the classic and ancient Sanskrit literature (Heart Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, etc.) the five senses are described as being related to the five "skandhas" (aggregates) and the five lower "chakras" or subtle energy centres of the chakra system. 

The five skandhas represent the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, space, or, in more scientific terms, the skandhas can be identified as phase or aggregate states: 
  • Solid state, 
  • Liquid state, 
  • Plasmic state, 
  • Gaseous state, 
  • Wave state (from inter-corpuscular, via inter-particular to sub-atomic wave space). 
Anything that cannot be sensorially experienced by the 5 senses is NOT a thing and therefore... an illusion! 

Note 1: 
Of course, our sensorial faculties can be extended by any kind of measuring apparatus such as the microscope, telescope, particle collider, spectroscope, etc. 
For a comprehensive list of them see: 

Note 2a: 
The complete human sensorial experience can range from sensing the very gross to sensing the very subtle, which (the very subtle) incidentally also includes the spiritual experience of reality. 

Note 2b:
Mind you, if that spiritual reality is not experienced through all the well-developed and evenly balanced subtle (but still physical!) chakras or subtle energy centres of our body - meaning, if spirituality is only based on a mentalized belief system - it is not spiritual reality at all but illusion under the guise of spirituality. (What is traditionally considered to be the Kundalini experience of reality focuses on that subtle range, as it covers and includes the above described unadulterated spiritual experience of reality.)

Note 3:
The five sensorial experiences of a "thing" do not have to take place simultaneously, but each of the five senses will have to be satisfied sooner or later for "something" to be authentically a "thing". (It is interesting that the realism of the spiritual Kundalini experience is evidenced by the observation of subtle fragrances as well as a range of subtle visual, auditory and tangible vibrations and characteristics, and... ADDITIONALLY an enhanced and extended experiential awareness of space/time.) 


Whatever is not covered by the above, occurs only in the rarified realm of mental illusion (Sanskrit "maya") - a pseudo version, or better yet, a mimicked version of reality. Illusion is artfully, or rather, artificially fed by allusions, illusions and delusions. 

Altogether, illusion is a mental amalgam of confused and confusing beliefs, assumptions, suppositions, suspicions, fears, hopes, desires, expectations, skepticism, cynicism, fatalism, conspiratorial thinking and attitudes, paranoid notions, etc, etc. - anything supported by an imbalanced mind that leads to... vice rather than virtue! 

Illusion is all that, which through:
  • forced belief (manipulation through fear), 
  • purchased belief (through the commerce of religion) and
  • make belief (a through trickery acquired disability to handle reality,) 
is artificially made to look more real than reality itself!

05 July, 2010

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