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Akhenaten's Hymn

 The young enlightened Egyptian pharaoh.
A divinely inspired spiritual revolutionary, possibly the first monotheist.
18th Dynasty's (1353- 1336 BCE)

Akhenaten and Nefertiti

Akhenaten and Nefertiti
Illustration source

Akhenaten's Hymn to Aten  

(See footnotes 1 and 2)

Hieroglyphs of Aten, the Solar Disk 

"When you set in the Western horizon, the earth is in darkness and everything seems as lifeless as someone asleep in his sleeping quarters, eyes closed, seeing nothing, hardly even breathing.
It is dark now, the world is in silence. You, who made everything alive, are now resting behind the horizon.

Then, from the East
at dawn you brighten the earth as you rise up over the horizon, chasing darkness away by sending forth your rays.
It is light now and you revitalize everything with your golden disk. You touch everything with your life giving energy. 

Now, from the North to the South, our land's inhabitants are enjoying their daily tasks as though they are at a feast. 
You woke them up with your rays and they are all fresh and on their feet. 

Everyone is bathing and  dressing themselves beautifully.

They all  raise their arms in adoration of your rising, and they proceed happily to busy themselves with their daily doings.

The beasts feed themselves in their pastures and the trees and the plants flourish. 
Birds flutter in the marshes, their wings lifted up in adoration of your presence. 
Sheep and their lambs, goats and their kids jostle and dance in the fields.
Insects fly about lively while you shed your light on them. 
The fishes in the river and the sea leap up from the waves while they glisten in your rays.
Ships and barges glide smoothly in the rivers, their sails in the wind, up and downstream alike. 
All roads and pathways are freely used everyone, their ways lit by your rays.

You grow the ovum in a women and produce the sperm in a man, and you provide for the life of the child in its mother's womb.
You sooth and console the children so that they will not be sad or weep, and you nourish them just as you nursed them while in the womb.
You give breath to all living beings, and when they come forth from the womb on the day of their birth, you open their mouth so that they can find their voice.

When the fledgling is still in its shell, you give it breath to secure its life, and your warmth hatches the egg till it burst open. The chicklet chirps with all his might, and then goes about on his two feet from the moment it emerges from its shell.

How manifold and varied are your works, even while so many of them remain hidden from our knowledge and sight.

Oh Divine One, with your infinite creative powers you formed everything that exists from the deepest core of your being.
You, who brought forth all beings, humans and animals large and small, all those that go about on their feet and fly high on their wings

Considering all countries - amongst them Syria and Kush, and our land Egypt -  you enable everyone to be settled peacefully in their place. 

You supply all necessities of life and safeguard what everyone possesses. 

You protect everybody's livelihood, no matter which language they speak, no matter the color of their skin and - indifferent to the distinctions in their culture - you shine on them all, sanctioning and sanctifying all their varied diversity."

~ Reworded by Wim Borsboom

Note 1. It was probably the Hebrew king David, the biblical musician/poet, who, around 1000 BCE, wrote a similar hymn: psalm 104. Click here (I am looking for a new link) for a side by side reading of Akhenaten's hymn and psalm 104.

Note 2. Saint Francis of Assisi wrote a comparable hymn or canticle in 1224: the  Canticum Fratris Solis or Laudes Creaturarum

(Abd'El Hakim Awyan - Egyptian archeologist)

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