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A Final Realization?

What a strange final (even ironic) realization for a soul to learn and know that the soul-existence is the ultimate reality.
Is it then it really necessary for a soul to come on Earth only to find out what it already knows and is?”

~ Winfrey (not Oprah),

I love Winfrey's ruminations and deliberations, but what especially caught my eye was his question:
Is it then it really necessary for a soul to come on Earth only to find out what it already knows and is?”

When I read that, I immediately thought, but doesn’t he realize, that, just by posing that question in the way he did, that it indicates that he somehow must be aware that there might be something incomplete or amiss in that first statement?
What a strange final (even ironic) realization for a soul to learn and know that the soul-existence is the ultimate reality.

I wonder if Winfrey would be willing to seriously consider that what in his view 'a-p-p-e-a-r-s' to be a "final realization," that it may actually not be so final after all...

I understand well what he writes about. In fact your “final (ironic) realization” made me recall insights and realizations of my own, especially those I had many many years ago.In particular, the Winfrey's words made me remember a conversation I had with a psychologist when I was 19 years old (1963).

At that time, about two months after I had been accepted as a young and aspiring monk in a Trappist monastery in Holland, the abbot of that monastery had me see a psychologist. (I found out later that all ‘aspirant’ monks were sent to see this psychologist, and that it was this man's task to find out whether the ‘calling to be a monk’ was a ‘true calling’ and not just a ‘fleeting infatuation’, ‘an escape from the real world’, or some sort of obligatory fulfillment of someone’s catholic parents' expectations, etc.)

After he seated me in front of his desk and tried to make me comfortable with a cup of tea, he asked me what made me want to "live a radical life of love" (my words) in a “cenobitic monastery” (his words, and, yes, a contradiction in terms.)

After I had told him what initially motivated me to make this “drastic change in my life” he started to prod me on my ‘realization’ - the realization that was the cause of my motivation to make that drastic change in my living environment.

I started answering him by saying,
“I know that the soul’s existence is of ultimate importance and also that my existen…”
At that point though, he abruptly cut me off and inquired,
“Do you hate your body?”
I answered,
“No, why do you ask?”
Then he wanted to know,
“Do you find it difficult to accept the world the way it is?”
Again I responded,
“No, why do you ask? I love this world and I love myself!”
He was silent for a moment and then, after he asked,
“Do you find it difficult to accept your physical appearance?”
I went into a long monologue:
“Everything that exists is an unquestionable and necessary manifestation of one all-encompassing and ultimate divine reality, and (I stressed) my greatest discovery and realization is that the ultimate reality of what we tend to call ‘soul’ necessarily includes ‘physical appearance’.
In fact, talking about body and soul as though they are somehow mutually exclusive or each other’s opposites, or that we at some point might have to choose between the one or the other as though our life (temporal or eternal) depends upon it, is only due to a misconceiving mind… an unfortunate mental mis-comprehension really.
‘Soul’, so to speak, can not be without an existential physical presence of ‘some sort’.
It is only from a limited and limiting mental viewpoint that we erroneously interpret ‘ALL THAT IS’ as being separatable into seemingly dissociated ‘this and that’s’ ”. 
While I was sitting in front of this psychologist’s desk, I gesticulated extensively, arching my arms widely so as to somehow represent ‘ALL THAT IS’ with the largest embrace possible.
A second later though I was be pointing at his fingers, attempting to empirically demonstrate to him that:
“All things, big or small - the ones that seem to be such separate entities - they are in fact like fingernails... mine or yours...! But although we feelingly know that those fingernails ARE part of us as a whole, we tend to talk about them as though they are separate from us… probably because we are so used to cutting them, or biting them off...
In reality though, your nails, like your heart or for that matter your hair - and of course your brain and lungs - they are intrinsic parts of what and who you are.” 
I proceeded with showing him how my nails are an extension of my fingers and my fingers an extension of my arms and my arms an extension of my… etc… well, he got it… so I added,
“In fact what became so clear to me, is that ‘all the things’ that 's-e-e-m' to exist so separately, that each one of them is like one out of millions upon millions of connected fingernails… Each entity is in reality one out of a whole myriad of un-separated formations that emanate from, manifest and prove the full reality of one grand divine presence.” 
I noticed that the psychologist, the way he looked at me, was having a hard time trying to figure out what I was talking about, and as I perceived that philosophy was not his field of expertise, I added,
“It is important to understand that the one-soul presence of the divine and the multi-fold presence of physical embodiment are NOT opposites.
Also it is NOT so that ‘the soul is ultimate and real’ and that ‘the constituents are ephemeral illusions'. NEITHER is it so that ‘physical substantiality is ultimate and real’ and that ‘soul or spirit is just an illusion’.
Sure, conceptualizing minds, the ones that operate only partially or even worse: minds that have become dysfunctional by habitually breaking things down into tidbits of abstracted information, such 'minds' may come to such conclusions, but those conclusions are false... And, by the way, isn't it so that there are way too many over-analytical people, men especially, whose minds have lost the ability to recognize the whole within which apparent parts are constituting the connective fabric of that whole?!

So, sir - if I may finish what I began to say when you so abruptly cut me off a few minutes ago - I know that the soul’s existence is of ultimate importance, but I also know that any physical existence in this universum is an intricately interwoven constituent of the fabric of one grand divine soul... and that is - I now realize - what I so acutely experience... That is the wonder of it all!
At no point in the course of any entity’s entire cosmic presence, can the physical and the spiritual ever be considered as separate... ... ... Except perhaps in the illuded mental eyes of a dissociated and thus dissociating beholder, one who unfortunately and artificially (but luckily only temporarily) had been made to lose sight of ‘who one is’ and ‘that one is’.”
I remained in that monastery for another three years…

Many years later I would say all of the above with fewer words:
“All is ONE and each in ALL uniquely so!” 
And in the traditional ecclesiastical way one could add the doxological saying:
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc, et semper, et in sæcula sæculorum
As it is in principle, now and always and throughout all eons.*
Every individual element that exists, from the smallest infinitesimal to the largest infinitesimal and everything in between, is one unique formulation of all possible solutions to the divine function** that ALL THIS IS - PARAMATMAN.

Dear X, let me repeat the quote from your post again:
“What a strange final (even ironic) realization for a soul to learn and know that the soul-existence is the ultimate reality. Was it really necessary for a soul to come on Earth only to know what it already knows and is?” 
If it appears to be necessary for a soul to “come to earth” so that it may eventually recognize its fully integrated sacred reality, then 'it' will sooner or later realize that there is neither coming or going, and that there is but one all-inclusive experience of multidimensional simultaneity… which is... love.

Have you ever been (you must have, of course!) in that wondrous state of unconditional love in which you blissfully recognize the oneness of love while you are also simultaneously celebrating the playful aspects of the multifold-ness of love?

* Traditionally in principio is translated as 'in the beginning', however in my view and experience 'in principle' as an alternate translation is more apt!
** I use function here also with all of its mathematical connotations. Mathematically seen the "whole shebang" (which includes what we tend to call the universe) can be represented by the most extensive and complex function or formula ever. There is no limit as to its number of functionals (operators or terms). As to the image or range of this ultimate function, anything that exists, ever did, ever will, ever can (and thus ever could) in any construct of dimensions (currently presumed to be 12), is a solution to that function and therefore present as an existential/essential entity in space/time.

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