Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Life: Reality or Stage Show

The Stage Show

Now Showing

“The Trappings of Life”*
a one-man show
The Actor:

The Roles:
The Father, the Mother, the Rich, the Poor, the Handicapped, the Angel and the Demon...

Directed by:
the Cosmic Law of Karma

The Stage:
Earth and Heaven

The Audience:

~ after Rien Tien

* A translation of "The Six Re-encirclements" a Tibetan-Buddhist expression.

I hope that Rien Tien is metaphorically speaking, if not, I suggest that he should!

Originally, in early Buddhist or Hindu teachings, expressions like "life is not real" or "life is but a theater of illusions" (maya) or, in Rien Tien's words: "a stage-show", were only meant to be used as metaphors.Such metaphors were originally used by spiritual teachers such as the Buddha and other bodhisattvas as counseling tools, psychological aids to help "seekers on the path" - meaning: seekers who deviated from the right way - to get them back on their journey towards enlightenment, realization and liberation.

After all, why would the Buddha have come up with his “eightfold path” if life were just an illusion?!

Statements such as "life is a stage-show" or "life is an illusion" do NOT represent REALITY...

In reality everything IS, there is no illusion in REALITY...

Incidentally, a popular saying such as, "Well, everybody has their own reality…" is in error. This saying would be better put as, "Well, everybody has their own distorted view of reality” - meaning that every one of those individual ‘d i s t o r t e d’ views is… an illusion.
(To read a conversation discussing this topic please click the following link:

Just like Truth, Love, the Divine, etc., there is only 'One Reality'...

Thus, anybody who does not 'a p p e a r' to be realized, is someone who at some point was MADE TO BELIEVE that they had lost touch with TRUTH, LOVE and REALITY, etc.

The problem with illusion is, that it so easily masquerades as reality, especially when fear, threats, curses, etc. are used in the masquerading. Such masked or faked reality is of course nothing else but a pseudo realistic illusion - an illusion though that is being treated as though it is more real than reality itself.

But back to Rien Tien's use of the metaphor that life is "a stage show" and that life's participants are but ‘actors’.
The kind of metaphor can of course be very effective and beneficial... providing... it is used in a clinical counseling setting... and... WHEN APPLIED TIMELY AND JUDICIALLY!

This particular metaphor may help a seeker during episodes of mental dissociation (while s/he is going through a phase of intense dramatization that is often accompanied with manipulative manoeuvrings) as it can very well jolt someone out of the mistaken belief that the dramatizations, manoeuvrings and manipulations are real.

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