Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Non-dual Reality and Dualist Illusion

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"I am firmly convinced that the creation of an Heaven on this very ground, and not a salvation ahead in distant immaterial worlds, is the natural unfolding of the slow march of evolution. And that a new power will substitute the blind rewards of Karma, a power to appear inside the human being as the mind appeared once in the ape.."
"What's the use of material life, if it was only meant to discover its unworthiness, as - if that were the case - it would have been much more simple if it never existed.
No, if we are here, it is because something else can be done, with a deeper purpose yet to be unveiled, a purpose which will crown and justify the life and striving of men."
"To spiritualize material life, I believe, is the obscure aim of human life on Earth."

~ Winfrey (not Oprah)
Winfreys' ruminations hearten me, but as to his:
"To spiritualize material life, I believe, is the obscure aim of human life on Earth"
I always experienced that differently... I remember (I must have been four or five years old) that I convinced my mother that life was already divine and sacred, that life's spiritual aspect, so to speak, was only something to be recognized and acknowledged. I always knew that life did not have to be spiritualized as it always was already so:
"Why shining light on something that is already bright?" 
is how I put it to her... and,
"Even if you don't see the sun, you only need to discover that the sun is always already shining. The only thing you need to do is to think with your mind's eye open, that's all..."*
I never experienced "the material as devoid of the spiritual"... I could never accept the 'mind/body' or 'material/spiritual' dichotomy as reality.
Only mentally could I conceptually come up with such dualistic notions. But I always treated those mental notions as secondary to non-dual experiencing.
If, for some reason, we need to use dualist language or employ dualist notions, we must never forget that 'the spiritual and the physical', are part and parcel of each other.
If we somehow can conceptualize distinctions between them, then we should nevertheless never disregard that they are mutually and reciprocally intertwined - that in actuality they are inseparable...

It is illusion (maya) only that makes people 'p e r c e i v e' them as separate...
Eventually it is that what causes deception, and such illusion only benefits the deceiver*... and that (as planned by the deceiver) to the detriment of the deceived...

* Of course all that was said in Dutch:
"Waarom zou je light schijnen op iets dat al helder is!"
"Zelfs al zie je de zon niet, je hoeft allen maar te ontdekken dat de zon altijd al schijnt.
Het enige wat je hoeft te doen is te denken met 'n open oog
, dat is alles."
**diabolo is usually translated as devil, deceiver or satan. The word satan stands for 'opposer'. 
The first human being who came up with the concept of opposite qualities (polarity) may very well have been identified (labeled or titled) as s-t-n or satan: the one who represents a dualist stance. Dualism is not possible without the conceptual notion of opposites or polarity.
An important feature of Tibetan Buddhist teaching tradition is a style of discourse that is in the form of orchestrated debate in which two students have agreed to enter into an argument. The role of one student is to be the 'opposer', against whom the other student has to prove his point. Current western academia still has remnants of this process, e.g. the defense of a thesis. The "devil's advocate" may very well stem from such orchestrated argumentations.

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