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The Ownership of Your (?) Thoughts

Words inside our head, we call "thoughts."
~ Russ Harris MD - The Happiness Trap
I like that, but there is also more to it, let's find out...

The thoughts that you are thinking, whose are they actually, what is their source?
  • Thoughts based on reality can be your thoughts.
  • However 'thoughts' based on negativity can never be yours truly, as they are merely borrowed terms, words, labels. (I  define negativity as the attempt at denial, negation or non-acceptance of substantive* reality.)
Actually, 'thoughts' (notice the quotes) based on negativity are NOT thoughts whatsoever, they only appear as thoughts by simulating or mimicking them.
The reasoning behind this - although simplified here for brevity - goes something along the lines of, "A picture of a cow is not a cow, although a physical cow and the image of that same cow are both labeled 'cow'!"

Negative or non-substantive 'thoughts'  ALWAYS have verbal content through words that are externally acquired. **
Substantive thoughts in principle DO NOT! Rather than verbal content they have pictorial content, they contain images; although they may be (and often are) also accompanied by verbal content.

Negative (or 'faux') thoughts are actually not thoughts at all. It is only because their verbal contents is processed in the same part of the brain** where sensorially registered reality*** is processed (substantive thinking), that they take on certain characteristics that RESEMBLE substantive (or 'proper') thoughts.

Negative (non-substantive, surrogate or faux) 'thoughts' are based on illusion or conditional expectations ("What if..." or "If... ,then..."  ), whereas substantive thoughts are based on sensorially processed reality.

Substantive thoughts come from an altogether different source (the unadulterated aware or observant self) than negative (faux, surrogate) 'thoughts'.
'Faux' thoughts come from external verbal sources only, as they are picked up and registered by our auditory (and partially our visual) sense.

Negative 'thoughts' are always REACTIVE in their verbal content. They are also incomplete and unsuccessful attempts at APPEARING as reasoning while they TRY (as they can never be successful) to deny, object to, invalidate or discount reality.

So although we use the same word "thought" for both substantive and - seemingly similar - negative phenomena, only the substantive versions are thoughts proper (as they are based on reality) while the negative or faux ones only mimic thoughts proper, while they are really only an illusion of thoughts.


* I don't juxtapose the notion 'positive' over against the notion 'negative'. I see 'negativity' as a attempt at negation or denial of what is substantially real.

** The external auditory acquisition of words is processed in the brain's speech centres: Broca's and Wernicke’s areas. These speech centres are located in the brain's left hemisphere, hence the linear verbal processing.
The Bi-lateral Brain
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***The complete human sensorial experience can range from sensing the very gross to sensing the very subtle, which (the very subtle) incidentally also includes the spiritual experience of reality.

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