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Reality and Illusion

It may be worthwhile to first read the conversation in the following link about reality.
My definition of reality is definitely not according to current mainstream "thinking"...
To agree with the way I define reality in relation to thinking, you may have to make a paradigm shift.
Please check out: Is Reality what we think?


The etymological root of the word "reality" is the Latin word "res" which means "thing".

Originally then, reality had to do with the "world of things", tangible things, or - to say it more completely - things that can be experienced through our five senses:
. Touch (tactile),
. Vision (eidetic),
. Smell (olfactory),
. Sound (auditory)
. Taste (gustatory).

In the classic and ancient Sanskrit literature (Heart Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita, etc.) the five senses are described as being related to the five "skandhas" (aggregates) and the five lower "chakras" or subtle energy centres of the chakra system. Please refer to:

The five skandhas represent the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, space, or, in more scientific terms, the skandhas can be identified as phase or aggregate states:
  • Solid state,
  • Liquid state,
  • Plasmic state,
  • Gaseous state,
  • Wave state (from inter-corpuscular, via inter-particular to sub-atomic wave space).

Anything that cannot be sensorially experienced by the 5 senses is NOT a thing and therefore... an illusion!

To be noted:
  1. Of course, our sensorial faculties can be extended by any kind of measuring apparatus such as the microscope, telescope, particle collider, spectroscope, etc. For a comprehensive list of them see:
  2. The complete human sensorial experience can range from sensing the very gross to sensing the very subtle, which (the very subtle) incidentally also includes the spiritual experience of reality.
  3. Mind you, if that spiritual reality is not experienced through all the well-developed and evenly balanced subtle (but still physical!) chakras or subtle energy centres of our body - meaning, if spirituality is only based on a mentalized belief system - it is not spiritual reality at all but illusion under the guise of spirituality.
    (What is traditionally considered to be the Kundalini experience of reality focuses on that subtle range, as it covers and includes the above described unadulterated spiritual experience of reality.)
  4. The five sensorial experiences of a "thing" do not have to take place simultaneously, but each of the five senses will have to be satisfied sooner or later for "something" to be authentically a "thing".(It is interesting that the realism of the spiritual Kundalini experience is evidenced by the observation of subtle fragrances as well as a range of subtle visual, auditory and tangible vibrations and characteristics, and... ADDITIONALLY an enhanced and extended experiential awareness of space/time.)


Whatever is not covered by the above, occurs only in the rarified realm of mental illusion (Sanskrit "maya") - a pseudo version, or better yet, a mimicked version of reality.

Illusion is artfully, or rather, artificially fed by allusions, illusions and delusions.

Altogether, illusion is a mental amalgam of confused and confusing beliefs, assumptions, suppositions, suspicions, fears, hopes, desires, expectations, skepticism, cynicism, fatalism, conspiratorial thinking and attitudes, paranoid notions, etc, etc. - anything supported by an imbalanced mind that leads to... vice rather than virtue!

Illusion is all that, which through:
  • forced belief (manipulation through fear),
  • purchased belief (through the commerce of religion) and
  • make belief (a through trickery acquired disability to handle reality,)
is artificially made to look more real than reality itself! 


How can something appear to be more real than reality?
Please read the green lettered paragraph of:

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