Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Illusion is an illusion, that's why it is called illusion!

You are the delusional state. The horrible existential truth is that there is no way for you to escape suffering because you are that suffering.

How sad Tanya, do you really mean that?
Have you ever considered that the way you may have been made to believe that so irrevocably is exactly how suffering gets propagated?

Please do know
that in the end
one discovers
that the whole thing about illusion
IS illusion
and that:
"delusion" is a
personally appropriated
and staunchly believed
version of illusion
all too easily projected
onto anything not illusive.

Illusion is an illusion, that's why it is called illusion!

The trick of illusion lies in the 'a t t e m p t' to make the act of illuding appear successful.
With the entertainment type of illusion we know in the end that we are tricked by the illusionist and we are happily entertained by it.
Entertainer illusionists are playful at it, they want you to know that it is trickery, otherwise you wouldn't be entertained and... you wouldn't come back for more.
The trick of 'spiritual' illusionists however is that they want you to believe that everything not-spiritual IS illusion and that you 'f o r e v e r' 'entertain' that suggestion.
It is the spiritual illusionists themselves who are entertained by it though, not the ones who fall for it (them!).

Have you ever considered that it could be that the ones propagating the "all is illusion", "all is suffering" adages aim to rob their prey of the 'simple pleasure of unquestioned being' and that it might well be that they feed off it... rather like a schoolyard bully feeding off the fear he/she instills on unsuspecting subjects by scaring them with, say, rubber spiders and worse.

Ah, the rope tricks...!

Much of the 'guru', 'karma', 'maya', 'seva', etc. spiel is no more than a similar bullying but now on a mythologized field of Kurukshetra and rather than freeing their charges from suffering, ignorance, delusion and illusion they actually maintain the belief in the 'reality' of it promising that when their charges fully believe that all is 'maya' that 'nirvana' awaits them...

Reality manifests when you let go of all beliefs
Reality is what remains after one has let go of any belief, fear, expectation, regret, judgment, etc.... all of which are second-hand third-party instilled pseudo-notions that attempt to deform simple straightforward sensorial input and its simple responses to it by superimposing them with pseudo-notions about what the sensorial-input-and-the-way-one-deals-with-it should or should not be.

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