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It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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This is an installment of material that I wrote to various discussion forums on the reasons I've found behind the fact that humans at some point in their personal and evolutionary growth started to question. It is not necessarily in a logical order...
When I show [...], I've left out certain details or extensive reasoning for brevity sake.
Asking questions and questioning is a conditioned and learned behavior. There are no entities in nature that are initially born with that faculty. Querying is a secondary [...] human trait, it is usually acquired soon after birth. Humans are not born with it nor are animals, nor do plants have a similar faculty.
Although I can see that and how other species can acquire the faculty to question/search, it is usually domesticated species that acquire it and that usually through human interference and/or training. [...]

When children are born, instead of inquiringly looking for things (as though asking their environment if it can provide what they need,) they instinctively fulfill their needs by bonding [...], reaching and/or grabbing, unquestioningly expecting that what they reach for is there ready for the taking.
(There is a wonderful documentary: "What Babies Want" by Debbie Takikawa showing how a baby right after birth, with its eyes still closed, crawls up its mothers belly and upper body to find her breast to start sucking immediately.

Questioning is an invention [...] that develops later in the life of an infant, it comes with the need to understand unexpected situations when their instinctive reaches to have their needs fulfilled are not met.
I see questioning, searching and asking questions as a faculty that arises only when an understanding is needed to sort out and make sense of unexpected situations.

As such I see questions, questioning, searching, etc. as an extension of the type of consciousness [...] that arises at the moment when direct unquestioned awareness gets artificially (even if accidentally) interfered with and thus compromised. It is an invention of and by the "I" at the very moment when also simultaneously a separate "I" gets invented... the very moment when artificial acts of separation and disconnect occur. 
It is at that point [...] also, I suggest, that the notion of duality arises - starting with the "I VERSUS Thou" conundrum - while it overshadows (often overwhelmingly) the original, natural and instinctive "I AND Thou" reality that comes with built-in characteristics of commuting, mutual and reciprocal dynamics. It is at that moment, I suggest, that the 'natural subject/object seamlessness' seemingly appears to disappear.

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