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"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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The usefulness and discardability of concepts

As to the role or function of concepts...
If concepts have any usefulness at all it is only a temporary one... provisional and conditionally only. 
A concept eventually only proves to be of value when it leads to a realization that transcends the original concept that one started with. Such a concept though, however helpful it was or seemed to be - it may even have looked quintessential - will after realization lose its direct usefulness and become... dispensable.
Evidenced truth and realization always transcends and replaces any initial conceptuality, however important the initial conceptuality may have seemed to be. 
What all too often happens though is that a provisional and temporarily helpful concept stays around alongside the evidenced truth and realization and may even become idolized as more important than the realized truth... which is quite unfortunate... (A tad sad even?)

Consider the following. When one moves into a newly built home, one does not put the nailing gun that was used to built the structure on the a mantle piece or on the coffee table, let alone hang it above one’s bed.
Even if there is no doubt that that particular nail gun contributed tremendously to the building process, when that process is over that tool is not needed as such anymore. The trades people who built the house may be very fond of that particular tool, but they also know that the same house could just as well have been built with non-pneumatic hammers and different types of nails, even specialized glues could have been used with the same result or sheet-metal studs with drill driven metal screws.

The ‘r e a l i z a t i o n’  is paramount, just like the ‘h o m e’  is.
How one got there - with what concept or creative tool – that is in principle and eventually of little importance...

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