Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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What's so wrong with Duality? Why the need to not treat it as real?

A  dualist view can serve a purpose... no doubt... but only as long as duality (or dualism) is seen as a conceptual description of reality - no matter what, it a limited and therefore limiting understanding of reality. I myself use it WHEN NEEDED (like in this instance) as a kitchen knife, a handy analytical cutting tool for discernment. But... I know WHEN to return that tool to its drawer in my kitchen cabinet.

Through ABSTRACTION (almost literally) this tool can turn wondrous-artistic-complexity-and-mystery into an artificial conceptual scarce simplicity; it can turn a multifaceted apperception of a multidimensional world into a strict linear one: a world of simplistic polarities - often opposing ones rather than complementary polarities. Very left brain really… analysis only, hardly any right brain synthesis!

Bosch's Heaven and Hell

The dualist view is very male… It is very God the Father knows best-like: good vs. evil, judgmentalism with all too often a lack of subtlety and nuancing.
Again, even that can serve some purpose but when duality or dualism becomes a definition of reality, then it creates trouble... on which it... thrives!
So, it is OK for dualism to be a temporary mode of interpreting reality especially when things get TOOO MUCH, but it is important to ALWAYS return to wonder, to not-knowing, not defining… to mystery…

All too often, dualism pretends to know it all… but really it only knows itself as it imagines itself mirror-imaged in everything, as it shines itself onto its own projected 2 dimensional mirror surface while attempting to prove its own absolutely-necessary-realistic-existence… narcissistic self reflection with - really - no one - not even one real human being - in sight.

Comment by Tim Cumper: 
The abstract intellect - like a knife - yes a good analogy. Essentially reductionist.  
In creating our abstract conceptual marvels, like the wood-carver, bringing in to being his creation - he can only do it by reducing the original integrity of the piece of wood he is working. His new creation, his idea, takes no account of the pile of shavings on the floor. The intellect always carves its own perspective - reducing a total glory to a mere facet. 
So the intellect, or any perspective derived from the intellect is not really suitable, and often troublesome - when employed to intercept truth - not the best tool at all. Our own individual being is already a sharp blade of perception, silently dissecting the whole with its perspective - it is troublesome to dissect this even further by reducing our own wholeness. So we can only intercept and resonate with the truth using our whole being - which implies using our fully unrestricted & undistracted awareness. 
We should understand that any particular "practice" or self-induced mode of perception - often originates from and is motivated by a perspective - and any conclusions will therefore be specious and narrow. What we bring to the table - we consume. If intellectual gymnastics are anyone's idea of heaven - then of course they are welcome to saturate themselves in that experience. 
16 April, 2011

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