Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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The usual road to freedom leads to quite a few pitfalls...

Introducing "The Happiness Trap" *

Words inside our head, we call "thoughts"

Do any of the following thoughts sound familiar? "I'm not doing it right." "It's useless; I may as well give up now. This a waste of time!" "I'm an idiot!" "Why aren't I practicing what I read in that book?

~ Russ Harris MD - The Happiness Trap

In order not to lead the reader astray on the "usual road to freedom" - a road which actually leads to quite a number of pitfalls** - I have carefully stayed away in the articles on this site from offering any hints, directions, suggestions or methods on how to undo or overcome suffering, how to deal with, say, depression, how to reclaim our innate freedom, etc. Because whatever we tend to do to alleviate our suffering, it actually increases it. Regarding freedom, in one of the articles here I mention:

So, rather than offering dubious ways out, and rather than having the reader step into just another trap (just read Harris' book) the intent of the articles on this site has always been to offer understanding and insight into the dynamics of the unfortunate acquisition of belief in our apparent loss or lack of freedom. 

I feel that it helps when we trace and describe how and why the belief in that lack or loss of freedom has been acquired (instilled in those who were led to believe that they actually do lack that freedom or have indeed lost it), that its sting will slowly diminish.
However, I have been quite aware that this approach does not help the recipient of those beliefs and thoughts, to let go of them. To discover that thoughts and beliefs are a not a "true" representation of reality, is not the same thing as being able to let go of those thoughts and beliefs... if that is needed of course.

To those who would like to effectively let go of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, I highly and strongly recommend reading, practicing and applying the directions and suggestions by Russ Harris MD in his book The Happiness Trap.

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Russ Harris gently and consistently helps his readers to adopt and apply effective ways to defuse the power of the very thoughts that causes the thinker of those thoughts to wrongly assume that they represent reality... which thoughts - any thoughts really - actually never do...
How so? Well, don't hesitate to get and peruse the book.

Whereas in my article How we were made to think who we are, I show

how and why
people are made to believe the illusion of who they appear to be, that that is who they are,
and how and why
people are made to believe that what they ought to be is what they should become...

Russ Harris shows his readers how to deal with those beliefs and thoughts and how to "defuse" them, so that one eventually ends up not only being aware of one's real being but also that

one recovers and lives the reality that one is who one actually already always was and will be...
- minus the deviating power of illusive thinking of course -

Whereas in my articles The Ownership of Your (?) Thoughts and Your (?) thoughts and emotions - whose are they really? I trace and show how and why thoughts came to be assumed to be one's own, the many exercise in "The Happiness Trap" guide the reader on how to successfully dis-empower and eventually disown those thoughts.

It is not that Russ Harris tells his readers that unhelpful thoughts will disappear - on the contrary! In a careful and persistent manner he steers his readers away from putting the expectation of the result of the exercises before the actual doing of those exercises... and he is quite right in doing that... lest the "Happiness Trap" closes on the reader.
But I myself can be a little less careful as I don't believe there is any danger in telling people that all-too-often thoughts are no more than commodities - products on a store shelf - and that when one buys (into) them, that the shelves displaying those thoughts will remain well stocked.

"Thoughts as merchandize" may well be a supply-and-demand thing. When the demand diminishes (by disbelieving and defusing unhelpful thoughts) that just like with goods*** for which there are no takers, those goods will eventually disappear off the shelves. 

Chapter 23 in "The Happiness Trap" is an excellent and  penultimate treatment of what awareness is and how to "become aware" of it.

Whereas in my article Awareness: True Being and Being True, I describe what awareness is (also awareness' etymological roots), Harris effectively guides his readers in how to kindle their awareness, how to "notice noticing" by simply "observing", without any danger for the observer to fall into the trap of becoming "self-conscious".
Whoever has been inspired - but possibly also 'in the end' stumped - by Ramana Maharshi's self-inquiry "Who am I?" will find Dr. Harris' book a great help in eventually realizing - actually, factually and functionally - that...

One can and will be who one is without any thoughts about how to be.

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** Except for the physical exercises that I offer in The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique on "The Kundalini Process" blog.
*** or bads :)

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