Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Digging for 'The Root of Questioning'

The mind is in principle a tool to help and expand on humankind's natural curiosity, it assists humans in finding out what this wondrous human experience in this - at once - physical /essential existence is about.

When the result of this faculty of "wondering" (seeing the miraculous in things) is not accepted as is, wondering acquires a different mode and becomes a follow-up faculty": 'posing questions', 'questing (initially to search for other 'land') and 'questioning'.

As secondary follow-up tools they are initially welcome tools - to find out ways to overcome physical difficulties - however when these secondary tools get used in emotional and psychological circumstances they can quickly cause opposite results. Like a hammer is primarily made for constructive purposes, but one can surely destroy a lot with a hammer.
The possibility of non-acceptance is a side-effect of the mind's faculties.
In physical circumstances that is just right, as in 'the days of yore' it helped us to use discover (invent) physical manipulations to produce solutions... say, making fire on purpose, clothing, digging wells for water, you name it...
But in non-physical circumstances - after emotional and psychological manipulation was invented and... abused (!) - questioning and questions also became became accusative (judging accusing) and did not allow answers, or, whatever answer came up, it was not accepted... Like: "Who do you think you are?", or "Why did you do that" etc.
Enough for a lengthy essay... but I'll leave it at this.

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