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Memory and Imaginative Creativity

Henny: I wonder whether we have memories in the eternal now and, if so, how: linear or as one clump (not linear)? 

Wim: There is this wonderful Indian notion of 'Akashic Records' - universal memory as though held in 'akash' - 'space'!

One could say that the Sanskrit  'kash' is 'earth' and that 'a-kash' is 'ALL', within which 'earth' is a particular manifestation. *, **

Imagine that a wave front (wind included) reaches a particular shore and that that shore is affected by what the waves and the wind do to its sand, pebbles, estuaries, boats, houses, sea life and so on... while also bringing in all kinds of  'jetsam and flotsam'.
Those waves of wind and water though have a history. They have a holographic story to tell about where they came from and what they experienced on the way.
Let's say they were coming from the West.
We know though that what comes from the West, may have been caused by influences or pressures (e.g high and low pressure systems) from the East. 
In fact, the very location of that shore that I just talked about, may originally (after its influences traveled around the globe in 'waves of interference') also be the cause or, if not that, then at least a contributing factor to the way the waves are now pounding that very same shoreline and the wind that is now blowing through the very same grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees from which it might well still carry the fragrances it picked up before it went overland.

Imagine 'all this' now in a complex, dynamically layered, spherical and spiraling configuration - not just surface winds and waves rippling the earth's outer skin.
Imagine a grand configuration as large as the universe bending and curving over and into itself...: there where alpha and omega meet...

Aahh, isn't
  • the notion 'akash' really too simple for that?
  • And the word 'memory' too one-directional? (One could say that 'creative imagination' and 'memory' are each other's reciprocal and mutual complements.***)
  • And what about 4 D space/time, is that not just a too limited or abstracting referencing frame while we are really experiencing 'ALL THAT IS'?


* Compare with prakriti and purusha:
  • Pusrusha being that (TAT) of which... 
  • Prakriti IS a specific manifestation (SAT or ASI) **
    Please refer to
** The specific manifestations are held in 4 D space/time, and that which holds it is 11 dimensional  Grand Space/Time. (Or 12D... Why not?!)

*** The abstracted notions of 'memory and imaginative creativity' need to always be dealt with together... they are two sides (aspects really!) of the same SPHERE! - cause and effect are 'mutually-inclusive-of-each-other-and-interchangeable'! Notice that I'm not saying 'two sides of the same coin'… That would be too flat-landish! Even the word 'sphere' does not encompass what I mean to illustrate.

1 comment:

number7 said...

Your point on the linking of imagination and memory is good in my estimation. Most memory must necessarily be imagined. And most imagination must be structured by remembered experiences