Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

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Free Will and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Notes on "Free Will"

. Nobody can know the future for sure because, in spite of fact that there is no "free CHOICE" (which has to do with the intricate laws of cause and effect,) there is "free WILL" and with that...: the "innate potential to be free". 

. We are all born with the "innate will to be free", no one is born with an "innate will to be enslaved".

. In fact, we are also born with an active free will, but in our present-day culture (and this is global!) this free will is for most of us at birth almost immediately challenged, denied and de-activated. (More on how-this-comes-about later.) 

. It is this "free will" - when (re-)activated and/or still truly functioning freely - which makes the future of a truly free person, unknowable and thus non-predictable.

. Of course this also means that the future of a person with a non-active free will can be foreseen, pre-known and thus predicted.
. In general, most predictions about the future tend to predict "bad tidings", usually with the idea in mind of that what the bad tidings refer to, is deserved punishment and deemed to be self-inflicted.
. The "bad tidings" characteristic does not take into account (even in spite of possible ignorance) that basically the great majority of people are of "good will" (benevolent) and the have a "will to be free" ... meaning that they wish to be unaffected by any "bad will" of others!!!

. The will to be free is not the same though as an active authentic free will.
. "People of bad will" (malevolent) think that they can change the outcome of the law of cause and effect, but they are IN THE MINORITY. 

. People of "good will" on the other hand, set the stage for all others to make better choices because "people of good will" are IN THE MAJORITY, and it is that majority that STATISTICALLY affects the outcome of the law of cause and effect, with the result being: "tidings of comfort and joy". 
It is exactly THAT what most "ill-fate predictors" are not aware of!
. I define "free will" also with the inclusion of "going willingly and freely with whatever is happening". (More on that elsewhere.)

. Perpetrators of bad or ill intended actions should be held responsible, but they should be given the chance to "correct" and "be corrected"... which  is after all the motivation behind "correctional institutes".
. Free will - which comprises the innate will to be genuinely free - enables one to find creative solutions, not in the least because of a free and thus unlimited and well-functioning mind.

A Special Note

. Once creative solutions (stemming from authentic free will) have been enacted, one discovers that it was the law of cause and effect that led to any solutions that were functionally put in place.

"What...?" you might wonder...
YES, this does sound contradictory, but causation also works in reverse - which is actually well known and evident in the sub-atomic micro-world. 
I contend that on the macro scale - in our day-to-day world - that is also the case, EVEN if it seems only psychologically so...: the effect (the wished-for end-result) being the inviting and attractive force that sets up causative circumstances that enable the wished-for solutions to be realized. It is not for nothing that we have the expression "wishful thinking".
Of course this might also work the other way around, but the fact that the majority of people are basically of "good will" (in spite of possible ignorance) the world is better than what a minority of people fears, wishes for, or attempts to put in place.
"Huh", you might say, "You cannot have it both ways!"
Well, if you think that, then that limiting thought prevents you from finding possible solutions because all options should be considered... even the seemingly impossible...

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