Freedom is "to be free IN all conditions..."
It is NOT "to be free FROM any of them!"

"The Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique" or "AuraPuri"

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Digging for 'The Root of Questioning'
Symbolism of the Oriental Triple Spiral 
The (His)Story of the Bowl
The Buddha's Four Noble Truths
The usual road to freedom leads to quite a few pitfalls...
Is suffering an Illusion?
Causality and Time
Cosmic Memory
What's so wrong with duality, why the need to not treat is as real?
On Mind and Thoughts
There's only one world, the other one is not real.
Pain and Enlightenment
Illusion is an illusion, that's why it is called illusion
The immediacy of experience
Duality only seemingly appears to be real
The mind seen as a field around the brain
Conflicting concepts and "Aha"
The usefulness and discardability of concepts

Reality and Illusion
The Ownership of Your (?) Thoughts
What is Pain? What is Suffering?
Life: Reality or Stage Show
Non-dual Reality and Dualist Illusion
A Final Realization?
Divine Essence / Human Existence
"Being" instead of "Becoming"
The two Sides of Spiritual Mercantilism
"Work diligently to successfully regain the perfection of your original being”
Free by Nature - The Book
Reality does not require belief
Akhenaten's Hymn
"Your" thoughts and emotions - whose are they really?
Andrew Cohen interviews Eckhart Tolle
The Mother of all Concepts: to feel at odds with oneself
The Enlightened View
Reincarnation, do we need it?
The Language of Compassion
To eat or not to eat
Bodh Gaya
Karma and the Power of Entrapment
You are wondrous, life is wondrous, life IS the miracle
The Buddha's "Eightfold Path" and "The Three Refuges”
Over-Manipulation and Conditioning
Reincarnation, Past Lives and Karma
Death or Afterlife?
The Brain, Cholesterol, the Lymph System and Yawning and Stretching.
More from Dharma Sangha (the Buddha Boy)
An Important Young Nepali Buddhist Lama
A Song about Dharma Sangha (Palden Dorje, Ram Bomjon.
Dualism and Non-dualism (Advaita)
Freedom and Dependency
"Enthroned Buddha" Meditation
Integrated Yawning and Stretching Technique - Video
A Side Effect of Alternative Healing Approaches
Bombay, Kahajuraho, Indus Valley, New Delhi
Perfection anyone?
A Critical View Side-Effects of Pseudo-Advaita
Yes but...
In the beginning
Causality, Interdependence, Impermanence and Suffering
Human conditioning and conditioning in flora and fauna
Conditionality and conditionalizing
The Freedom Pledge
A Quest from the Start?
Mirror Neurons
Discarding doubt radically
Doubt about your existence?
Making Sense of Sentences and Sentencing
On the "Nested Paradox" of Matter and Mind
The Realm of Divine Reality
When identities are identical
Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form
Is reality what we think?
"Putting an end to the alter ego" instead of "Killing the ego”
The language of wonder
The Arising of Suffering
Knowing who you are?! Why?
How we were made to think, "We are who we think we are”
The Natural Unfolding Of Reality
Reality: It's Not What You Think!
Perpetrating Harm
The Valley
Modes, tools, elements and characteristics of abstraction
A Day Out Of Time (according to the Mayan Calendar
Grand SpaceTime
Causality, Time and Interdependent Origination
Is life suffering or illusion?
Understanding and Knowing Each Other
About what is and what is not...
Perception and the Capture of Reality
This idea of past lives! Is there such a thing?
The Full Spectrum Child
About innate freedom, soul, awareness, consciousness
Need a light?
Dualism and the seeming Reality of Negativity
Dualism and Non-dualism (Advaita)and the Arising of Suffering
Mirror Neurons
Fault Finding Mission finds San Andreas Fault only
Becoming who you "really" are or being who you are
Suffering and Quasi Compassion
Paul and John
Awareness: True Being and Being True
What do you mean: "Innate freedom"?
Understanding Mind
Conditions and Conditionality
Jetsam and Flotsam
Freedom's Dynamic
If we lose our natural freedom, can we get it back?
The Universal Human